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  • Pneumatic Systems: Principles And Maintance

    By S.R. Majumdar
    Pneumatic systems are the class of power systems that utilize compressed air as a working medium to transmit power, and their working principle is similar to hydraulic power systems. Pneumatic technology is now considered highly important in workplace rationalization and automation, from coal mines and old timber works to space robots and modern machine shops. Therefore, Majumdar explains that it is important for engineers and technicians to have a solid understanding of the working of pneumatic systems as well as the factors that attribute to compressed air’s behavior. Pneumatic Systems: Principles and Maintenance provides the readers a comprehensive overview of pneumatic systems, from the very basics to advanced concepts that are relevant to practicing engineers. In total, there are 12 chapters in this book. Some chapters include Pneumatic Cylinders and Air Motors, Electrical Controls in Pneumatic Circuits, Basic Pneumatic Circuits, Pneumatic System and Physical Units, and Servicing Compressed Air. Through the course of this book, Majumdar has included several well-illustrated diagrams to explain crucial concepts. Majumdar explains that those who have a clear understanding of force physics and pressure would find it easier to understand these concepts. The concepts are explained so simply that even first line technicians would have no difficulty comprehending the fundamentals of servicing techniques and pneumatic circuit design. Through the course of this book, Majumdar has also dealt with troubleshooting and maintenance of pneumatic systems. He has also provided key insights into pneumatic circuit designs. In each chapter, Majumdar has included maintenance problems that help the readers test their understanding. Pneumatic Systems: Principles and Maintenance is a part of the syllabus for undergraduate engineering students of Mechanical Engineering.
    MRP: Rs 599.00
    Offer: Rs 449.25
  • Decision Support and Business Intelligence...

    By Dursun Delen , Ramesh Sharda , Efraim Turban
    Appropriate for all courses in Decision Support Systems (DSS), computerized decision making tools and management support systems. Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems 9th edition provides the only comprehensive, up-to-date guide to today's revolutionary management support system technologies and showcases how they can be used for better decision-making. The 9th edition focuses on Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics for enterprise decision support in a more streamlined book.
    MRP: Rs 799.00
    Offer: Rs 599.25
  • How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude f...

    By Arun Sharma
    How To Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude For The CAT, published in 2012, is now in its fifth edition. This guide has been revised and updated to help Common Admission Test aspirants prepare for this competitive test. This guide has been designed to comprehensively cover each topic that is part of the Quantitative Ability syllabus.
    MRP: Rs 650.00
    Offer: Rs 455.00
  • How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for t...

    By Arun Sharma
    Logical Reasoning is a section in most competitive exams, and it forms a vital part of the entrance exams to management institutes. The Logical Reasoning section of exams like the Common Admission Test (CAT), is one of the toughest sections that students have to face. This book, How To Prepare For Logical Reasoning For The CAT, covers verbal ability and logical reasoning in separate sections.
    MRP: Rs 475.00
    Offer: Rs 332.50
  • Operations Research

    By Hamdy A. Taha
    MRP: Rs 775.00
    Offer: Rs 581.25
  • Study Package for CDS Examination

    By Atul Bhardwaj
    Study Package for CDS will give students a thorough preparation for writing the CDS examinations. The Combined Defense Services exams are administered by the Union Public Service Commission, which are held twice a year to aid in recruiting future candidates for the Indian Military Academy. In this text, students can expect to find an extensive coverage in three crucial areas: English and General Knowledge and Awareness and Mathematics. The English category covers areas such as the ten areas for building vocabulary i.e words, spelling words, propositions, idioms, articles, antonyms, one word substitutions, synonyms, words denoting specific phobias and manias etc. There will also be a thorough review covering parts of speech, narration, voice etc. In the General Knowledge section, prepare to be thoroughly examined in several areas including, Politics, Geography, History, Economics and Language to name a few. The Mathematical Abilities section is designed with the intention to improve students’ speed at solving maths problem sets. This comprehensive text was published in 2011 by Tata McGraw Hill Education.
    MRP: Rs 540.00
    Offer: Rs 378.00
  • Child Development

    By Elizabeth B, Hurlock
    In this sixth edition of Child Development, which first appeared in 1942, attempts have been made to make it a better teaching tool for instructor`s and a better, more interesting learning tool for students by following changes and additions. First, because of favorable reactions to the boxes used to highlight important facts in the previous editions, more boxes are used in this edition. Second, at the end of each chapter a section has been added to stress the important hazards in the area of development covered in the chapter. Third, the bibliographies, given at the end of each chapter, have been updated by omitting many of the older studies to provide space for the newer ones in the same area. Fourth, fewer graphs from research studies have been used than in the earlier editions of this book. Fifth, while all revisions update old material, this revision has added material from research areas that are somewhat off the beaten track and have not yet appeared in many of the textbooks in child development. Sixth, because of the important role theories about different areas of development have played in spurring research in those areas, a brief discussion of some of the most influential theories has been added. Seventh, to eliminate the distraction to readers of constant reference in the text to sources from which the material has been taken, relatively few references are given throughout the chapters.
    MRP: Rs 750.00
    Offer: Rs 562.50
  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering

    By Trymbaka Murthy
    Suitable for the students of mechanical engineering, this title features: step-by-step approach to help students understand and draw sketches through exhaustive descriptions using sketches and photographs; solutions to problems using common equations; inclusion of a large number of problems solved by different methods using sketches and more.
    MRP: Rs 225.00
    Offer: Rs 168.75
  • Basic Electronics

    By D.P. Kothari, I. J. Nagrath
    The book gives an exhaustive exposition of the fundamental concepts, techniques and devices in Basic Electronics Engineering. The book covers the basic course in basic electronics of almost all the Indian technical universities and some foreign universities as well. It is particularly well suited undergraduate students of all Engineering disciplines. Diploma students of EEE and ECE will find useful too. Basic Electronics is designed as the one-stop solution for those attempting to teach as well as study a course on Basic Electronics. The carefully developed pedagogy will help the instructor pick thought-provoking questions for tutorials and examitions, as well as allow plenty of practice for the students
    MRP: Rs 350.00
    Offer: Rs 262.50
  • An Introduction to Database Systems

    By C.J.Date, A. Kannan, S. Swamynathan
    An introduction to database systems provides a comprehensive introduction to the very large field of database systems. It furnishes a solid grounding in the foundations of database technology, while shedding some light on how the field is likely to develop in the future. This edition has been expanded and rewritten to stay current with database system trends and developments, however the overall emphasis remains on insight and understanding, and not just on formalisms.
    MRP: Rs 799.00
    Offer: Rs 599.25

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  • RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Stu...

    By Michael Jang
    MRP: Rs 865.00
    Offer: Rs 648.75
  • Manorama Year Book 2016

    By Malayala Manorama
    MRP: Rs 300.00
    Offer: Rs 210.00
  • Official SAT Study Guide with DVD

    By The College Board
    MRP: Rs 1599.00
    Offer: Rs 1119.30
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exam...

    By Abhijit Guha
    MRP: Rs 595.00
    Offer: Rs 416.50
  • For CAIIB Advanced Bank Management

    By Finance(IIBF) , Indian Institute Of Banking
    Divided into four modules, this book is a comprehensive guide to banking management, and covers the latest developments in the field for the benefit of all professionals. Summary Of The Book The four modules of Advanced Bank Management together provide extensive knowledge and understanding of economic analysis, business mathematics, human resource management, and credit management as of the year 2011. Module one is centered around economic analysis. This module begins with the fundamentals of microeconomics and macroeconomics and then moves on to elucidate various other concepts and principles. Some of the topics covered in this section are inflation, business cycles, the economic impact of banking and money, market and interest rates, monetary and fiscal policies, money supply, concepts of GDP, the challenges encountered by a liberalized Indian economy that has ties with global markets, and the subsequent opportunities and developments. In the second module, readers are introduced to business mathematics and its various concepts. Topics that are covered in this module include Time Value of Money, Basic Statistical Techniques, Sampling Methods, Simulation, Linear Programming, Bond Investment, and Probability Techniques. The third module deals with the basics of human resource management. The chapters in this module are Development of Human Resources, Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Human Implications of Organizations, HRM and Information Technology, Performance Management, and Employees’ Feedback and Reward System. The last module of Advanced Bank Management expounds concepts pertaining to credit management. The topics that are covered in this module are Rehabilitation and Recovery, Risk Management and Credit Rating, Credit Control and Monitoring, Term Loans, Working Capital Finance, Analysis of Financial Statements, Overview of Credit Management, and Credit Delivery. All these concepts have been explained in detail in this book. The book was published in 2011 by IIBF and contains 33 chapters, in 488 pages.
    MRP: Rs 520.00
    Offer: Rs 364.00
  • Indian and World Geography

    By Majid Husain
    MRP: Rs 465.00
    Offer: Rs 325.50
  • India After Gandhi: The History Of The Wor...

    By Ramachandra Guha
    MRP: Rs 750.00
    Offer: Rs 525.00
  • General Knowledge

    By Sanjeev Kumar , Renu Sinha , Binay Karna , Manwendra Mukul , R. P. Suman
    Lucent’s General Knowledge is authored by three writers namely Sanjeev Kumar, Binay Karna and Manwendra Mukul. The book is useful to students who plan to clear any competitive examination. It keeps the candidate updated with facts that can help him place himself in a better position to appear for these exams. About Lucent General Knowledge This Publication House helps those seeking to clear competitive exams. It has produced books on General Knowledge that range from a wide variety of subjects. Some other books by this publication include Lucent’s General Knowledge 3rd Edition, and Lucent’s Objective General Knowledge.
    MRP: Rs 180.00
    Offer: Rs 126.00
  • History Of Medieval India

    By Satish Chandra
    MRP: Rs 395.00
    Offer: Rs 276.50
  • General Studies Paper 1 for Civil Services...

    By MHE
    MRP: Rs 1350.00
    Offer: Rs 945.00


  • An Introduction to Database Systems

    By C.J.Date, A. Kannan, S. Swamynathan
    An introduction to database systems provides a comprehensive introduction to the very large field of database systems. It furnishes a solid grounding in the foundations of database technology, while shedding some light on how the field is likely to develop in the future. This edition has been expanded and rewritten to stay current with database system trends and developments, however the overall emphasis remains on insight and understanding, and not just on formalisms.
    MRP: Rs 799.00
    Offer: Rs 599.25
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics

    By Peter V. O’Neil
    Peter V. O’Neil’s Advanced Engineering Mathematics, published by Cengage Learning, is a comprehensive book for engineering students from all branches who need to study Math in the first four semesters, and for students from other educational backgrounds as well. It comprises of various concepts in Ordinary Differential Equation; Vectors, Linear Algebra, and Systems of Linear Differential Equations; Vector Analysis; Fourier Analysis, Special Functions, and Eigenfunction Expansions; Partial Differential Equations; Complex Functions; and Probability and Statistics.
    MRP: Rs 650.00
    Offer: Rs 487.50
  • An Integrated Approach To Software Engine...

    By Pankaj Jalote
    An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering, published in 2005 by Narosa Publishing House, is the third edition of the popular textbook on software engineering. This book is meant for software developers and computer science students. The author lucidly explains the software development cycle and briefs his readers on the significant parts. The book introduces the various processes and principles of software engineering as well as the practical application of those principles with the help of a case study. This model that is followed by the book smoothly integrates the key topics regarding the management of software development projects for resolving common challenges that are often faced by developers. The approach described in the book can help readers ensure consistency, maintain high levels of quality, and enhance productivity in software engineering projects. The exercises given in the book are designed to help the readers apply the techniques taught in the book.
    MRP: Rs 465.00
    Offer: Rs 348.75
  • Object Oriented Programming With C++

    By E. Balaguruswamy
    This Book Introduces Object Oriented Programming Concepts Using C++. This Book Assumes Prior Knowledge Of The C Programming Language Though The Reader Need Not Be An Expert In C. C++ Is Basically C With Object Oriented Features. The Book Introduces The Fundamentals Of Object Oriented Programming Paradigm With Sample Programs In C++ That Helps Illustrate The Concepts. Besides Sample Code Snippets, The Author Also Uses The Growing Knowledge Of The Readers As They Progress Through The Chapters To Build Practical Projects Like A Payroll Application. Object Oriented Programming With C++ Explains Many Concepts Vital To Oop Like Overloading, Type Casting, Abstract Classes And Rtti. The Book Also Goes Into Concepts Like Dynamic Memory Allocation, Structures And Unions And Other Vital Programming Features Of C And C++. With Its Simple And Direct Approach, It Helps Readers Clearly Understand Oop Concepts And Object Oriented Programs In C++. This Is The Sixth Edition Of The Book, Published By Tata Mcgraw Hill Education In 2013. This Is A Paperback Edition. Key Features: This Book Incorporates New Features Added In C++ After The Previous Edition. Object Oriented Programming With C++ Has Numerous Pedagogical Aids Including 116 Sample Programs, 67 Debugging Exercises, 225 Review Questions To Test Proficiency In C++ And 95 Programming Exercises. The C++ Test Questions Include Technical Questions Asked In Interviews. The Companion Website To The Book Includes Full Descriptions And User Manuals For Projects Developed In The Book, Answers To Selected Questions From The Book, A Write-Up That Explains The Difference Between C And C++ And Some Practice Tests.
    MRP: Rs 385.00
    Offer: Rs 288.75
  • An Introduction To The Chemistry Of Heter...

    By R Morrin Acheson
    MRP: Rs 895.00
    Offer: Rs 671.25
  • An introduction to Practical Biochemistry

    By David T. Plummer
    This is a major revision of the manual for the laboratory component of introductory biochemistry courses for undergraduates. New experiments cover molecular biochemistry and immunological methods, both major growth areas in the field. Each chapter is introduced by a section on the techniques used and the basic chemistry of the materials. Also, preceding each experiment is a brief summary of the principles involved.
    MRP: Rs 528.00
    Offer: Rs 396.00
  • An Introduction to the Theory of Computer...

    By Thomas A. Sudkamp
    The third edition of Languages and Machines: An Introduction to the Theory of Computer Science provides readers with a mathematically sound presentation of the theory of computer science at a level suitable for junior and senior level computer science majors. The theoretical concepts and associated mathematics are made accessible by a "learn as you go" approach that develops an intuitive understanding of the concepts through numerous examples and illustrations. In this edition the presentation has been enhanced by increasing the number of examples, expanding the selection of topics particularly in the area of computational complexity, and providing a flexible format giving instructors the ability to design their courses that concentrate on specific areas such as automata theory, computability theory, or computational complexity.
    MRP: Rs 650.00
    Offer: Rs 487.50
  • Biology : ICSE - 10

    By Ajay Anand
    MRP: Rs 260.00
    Offer: Rs 234.00
  • A' Level Made Simple Introduction To Data...

    By Satish Jain, Shashi Singh
    The book presents the brief description of Database Management Systems, various models and its architecture in a very simple way.
    MRP: Rs 270.00
    Offer: Rs 202.50
  • Atmospheric Physics, Electronics and Comp...

    By Basavaraj
    MRP: Rs 350.00
    Offer: Rs 262.50

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  • An Introduction To The Chemistry Of Heter...

    By R Morrin Acheson
    MRP: Rs 895.00
    Offer: Rs 671.25
  • Biophysics

    By Vasantha Pattabi and N. Goutham
    Biophysics is an interdisciplinary topic of great importance in Modern Biology. This volume not only addresses the needs of biologists and biochemists but also contains material for a one-semester course offered to Master's students of life sciences. It covers a wide range of topics from quantum mechanics to pre-biotic evolution. Understanding the topics covered in the book requires only basic, school level mathematics.?Introduces and refreshes the reader?s knowledge of physics and chemistry.?Covers various physico?chemical techniques used to study biomolecular structures.?Treatment of spectroscopy, microscopy, diffraction and computational techniques.?Detailed coverage of X-ray crystallography and NMR.?Exemplifies results of applications covered in the book.?Inclusion of related topics namely energy pathways, biomechanics and neuro-biophysics.NEW TO THE SECOND EDITION:?Introductory topics extensively revised.?Explanations simplified to make them more accessible.?New topics introduced ? DNA nanostructure, mass spectroscopy.?Figures and tables modified and improved. Table Of Contents: Preface to the Second Edition / Preface to the First Edition / Laws of Physics and Chemistry / Separation Techniques / Physico-Chemical Techniques to Study Biomolecules / Spectroscopy / Light Microscopy / Electron Microscopy / X-Ray Crystallography / NMR Spectroscopy / Molecular Modelling / Macromolecular Structure / Energy Pathways in Biology / Biomechanics / Neurobiophysics / Origin and Evolution of Life / Further Reading / Index. Audience Postgraduate students as well as Biologists, Biochemists, Biomedical Engineers, Physicists and Pharmacologists
    MRP: Rs 345.00
    Offer: Rs 258.75
  • Classical Electrodynamics

    By John David Jackson
    Classical Electrodynamics by John David Jackson is ideal for all undergraduate students studying this subject. It provides the users with guidelines to solve the problems in this subject with ease. It includes equations to explain certain concepts to the student. The book is meant to guide anyone dealing with the subject of Classical Electrodynamics.
    MRP: Rs 789.00
    Offer: Rs 591.75
  • Digital Computer Fundamentals

    By Thomas Bartee
    Table of Content: Preface Chapter 1. Computer Operation Chapter 2. Number System Chapter 3. Boolean Algebra and Gate Networks Chapter 4. Logic Design Chapter 5. The Arithmetic-Logic Unit Chapter 6. The Memory Element Chapter 7. Input-Output Devices Chapter 8. Buses and Interfaces Chapter 9. The Control Unit Chapter 10. Computer Organization Appendixes
    MRP: Rs 735.00
    Offer: Rs 551.25
  • Digital Design

    By Morris Mano
    A Modern Take On Classic Concepts Such As Digital Circuits, Designs And Its Various Procedures, The Fourth Edition Of Digital Design (With Cd) 4Th Edition Provides Simple Yet Effective Guidelines In A Lucid And Informative Manner. There Are Specific Tools That A Computer And Engineering Student Must Be Acquainted With When Designing Digitized Applications. This Book Provides The Different Procedures That Can Be Used For A Wide Array Of Digital Formats And Designs. There Have Been A Number Of Updates Inserted Within This Edition Including The Expanded Key Enhancements In The Verilog Hardware Description Language Or Hdl. Digital Designs Covers A Range Of Topics Starting From Basic Digital Systems, Gate-Level Minimization, Boolean Algebra To Asynchronous Sequential Logic And Standard Graphic Symbols. The Students Will Also Find This Book Helpful When Trying To Understand Design At Register Transfer Level (Rtl) As Well As Memory And Programmable Logic. There Are Chapters That Have Detailed Information About Digital Integrated Circuits And Standard Ics And Fpgas Laboratory Experiments. There Have Been Additions Made In Terms Of The Graphical Material And Its Diverse Uses. A Comprehensive Analysis Of Hdl Has Also Been Provided For Beginner Students In Order To Understand Hardware Categories, Description Language, And Digital Circuits.
    MRP: Rs 599.00
    Offer: Rs 449.25
  • Fundamentals of Data Structures in C

    By Ellis Horowitz , Sartaj Sahni , Susan Anderson-freed
    MRP: Rs 425.00
    Offer: Rs 318.75
  • Fundamentals of Speech Synthesis and Spee...

    By E. Keller
    Explains and discusses how human speakers and listeners process speech and language. Focuses on those elements of current research which have the most bearing on future developments in the production of truly natural-sounding speech and the reliable recognition of continuous speech. Presents a concise and clear introduction to this increasingly complex and interdisciplinary field.
    MRP: Rs 25490.00
    Offer: Rs 19117.50
  • Global Marketing Management

    By Keegan
    In the seventh edition of his successful text, Warren Keegan offers a unique blend of managerial relevance, up-todate examples and theoretical insight. This text is a pleasure to read for students and practitioners alike. Once again, this edition convincingly demonstrates why Warren Keegan's text stands out from the crowd."-Professor Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, Editor, Journal of International Marketing Chair of International Marketing and Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration "Warren Keegan's new edition of Global Marketing Management will be a classic text, for its scope, breadth, and insights. He takes the reader with ease, clarity and high competence from the fundamentals of Global Marketing Management to the frontiers of Global e-marketing. In a digitizing world, where the globalization of marketing will be increasingly instantaneous and irreversible, Keegan's book, I predict, will be essential reading and an indispensable reference."-Howard V. Perlmutter, Ph.D, Emeritus Professor of Social Architecture and Management, The Wharton School "Keegan's Global Marketing Management, Seventh Edition, is an impressive revision of the classic work on global marketing and is without question the world's leading textbook for students and reference for business executives on international and global marketing. Warren Keegan covers everything, from the fundamental concepts; tools and core issues to the contemporary up to the minute 'hot' topics. Keegan is the world's leading 'guru' on Global Marketing and he shares his vast understanding and knowledge in this impressive revision."-Hermawan Kartajaya, Governor, Asia Pacific Marketing Federation "Warren Keegan is to global marketing what Philip Kotler is to marketing. As a student, then as a teacher, Keegan was my hero and there is still no one who comes anywhere near him for depth, excitement, clarity, and vision. This seventh edition is a book that stands head and shoulders above all others. It pushes the state-of-the-art to even new frontiers. For anyone interested in global marketing, whether student, teacher, or practitioner, this book is a must."-Professor Malcolm H.B. McDonald, Professor of Marketing Strategy and Deputy Director, Cranfield School of Management
    MRP: Rs 685.00
    Offer: Rs 513.75
  • Human Resource Management

    By Rober L, Mathis, John H, Jackson
    Dr. Robert L. Mathis is professor emeritus of management at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). Born and raised in Texas, he received his BBA and MBA from Texas Tech University and a Ph.D. in Management and Organization from the University of Colorado. At UNO, he has received the "Excellence in Teaching" award. Dr. Mathis has co-authored several books and published numerous articles covering a variety of topics. He also has held national offices in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and served as president of the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). In addition, he is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by HRCI. He has had extensive consulting experiences with organizations of all sizes and in a variety of areas. Firms assisted have been in the telecommunications, telemarketing, financial, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and utility industries. Dr. Mathis has extensive specialized consulting experience in establishing or revising compensation plans for small-and medium-sized firms. Internationally, he has consulting and training experience with organizations in Australia, Lithuania, Romania, Moldova, and Taiwan.
    MRP: Rs 625.00
    Offer: Rs 468.75
  • iGenetics: A molecular approach

    By Peter J Russell
    With its modern chapter organization and new “Focus on Genomics” boxes, iGenetics: A Molecular Approach reflects the increasing molecular emphasis in today’s experimental study of genes while helping students develop problem-solving skills and an appreciation for classic experiments. Although molecular topics are presented first, instructors can assign the chapters in any sequence. Pedagogical features such as chapter-opening “Key Questions” and strategically placed “Keynotes” help students to efficiently master genetic concepts. The Genetics Place Companion Website contains interactive iActivities and narrated animations that help students visualize and understand processes and concepts that are illustrated in the text.
    MRP: Rs 139.20
    Offer: Rs 104.40

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  • 5 Lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

    By Manhattan Prep
    The Manhattan Prep’s 5 LB. Book of GRE Practice Problems is an exhaustive collection of practice problems for undergraduates aspiring to take up the Graduate Record Examinations for admission in to graduate schools in the USA. The book contains over 1800 practice questions encompassing basic to expert level problems of all variety. In addition to the large collection of questions there are detailed explanations to give the students an edge in cracking the test. The book is an essential resource for anyone wishing to take their education beyond an undergraduate degree.
    MRP: Rs 1463.47
    Offer: Rs 1024.43
  • Advanced Educational Psychology

    By S.K. Mangal
    Beginning with an introduction to the nature and scope, and the various schools of psychology, the book dis-cusses the systems propounded by Freud, Adler, Jung and Piaget, taking into account their critical importance to the subject. It then focuses on the psychology of growth and development, psychology of individual differences, motivation, attention and personality, with an emphasis on the individual's attitude towards learning, and the factors influencing learning. The text also elaborates the nature and theories of learning and the aspects of memory such as remembering and forgetting. The cognitive aspect, i.e. intelligence, and vital topics like creativity and the psychology of thinking, reasoning and problem-solving have been accorded due promi-nence. A detailed discussion on exceptional children and learning disabled children together with the educational measures for overcoming such disabilities is also included. The text concludes with an important aspect of human behaviour, namely, adjustment.
    MRP: Rs 325.00
    Offer: Rs 243.75
  • Basic electrical Engineering

    By U.A.Bakshi, V.U.Bakshi
    D.C. Circuits Electromagnetism D.C. Machines Measuring Instruments Single-phase A.C. Circuits Domestic Wiring Thee Phase Circuits Three Phase Synchronous Generators Single Phase Transformers Three Phase Induction Motors
    MRP: Rs 299.00
    Offer: Rs 224.25
  • Basic Electronic

    By A.P.Godse, U.A.Bakshi
    Semiconductor Diodes and Applications BJT Biasing Digital Electronics Flip-Flops Communication Systems
    MRP: Rs 195.00
    Offer: Rs 146.25
  • Computer Communication Network

    By V.S.Bagad, I.A.Dhotre
    MRP: Rs 265.00
    Offer: Rs 198.75
  • Computer Networks-I

    By V.S.Bagad, I.A.Dhotre
    MRP: Rs 275.00
    Offer: Rs 206.25
  • Electronic Circuits

    By A.P.Godse, U.A.Bakshi
    MRP: Rs 425.00
    Offer: Rs 318.75
  • Elements of Mechanical Engineering

    By Anup Goel
    Energy Resources Turbines and IC Engines and Pumps Steam Turbines Machine Tools and Automation Machine Tools Operations Engineering Materials and Joining Processes Refrigeration, Air-conditioning
    MRP: Rs 225.00
    Offer: Rs 168.75
  • Engineering Physics

    By H J Sawant
    Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics Electrical Properties of Materials Lasers and Optical Fibers Crystal Structure Shock Waves and Science of Nano Materials
    MRP: Rs 245.00
    Offer: Rs 183.75
  • Field Theory

    By U A Bakshi, A V Bakshi
    MRP: Rs 475.00
    Offer: Rs 356.25
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