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Workshop Technology Part 1

By W. A. J. Chapman
The work covered in this volume is approximately that of the first two years of a senior part time course in Technical Colleges and includes most of the material necessary for the city and Guilds Intermediate Examination in Machine Shop Engineering. It also be be useful to students for the preliminary work in workshop technology.
MRP: Rs 270.00
Offer: Rs 202.50

A Textbook Of Fluid Mechanics

By R K Bansal
Table of Contents 1. Properties of Fluids 2. Pressure and its Measurement 3. Hydrostatic Forces on Submerged Surfaces 4. Buoyancy and Floatation 5. Fluid Kinematics 6. Dimensional Analysis 7. Fluid Dynamics 8. Fluid Flow Measurements 9. Flow Through Pipes 10. Viscous Flow 11. Flow Past Immersed Bodies 12. Compressible Flow
MRP: Rs 395.00
Offer: Rs 296.25

Experimental Stress Analysis

By Sadhu Singh
This book has been written to serve as textbook which is now being offered to students in Mechanical, production, Civil and Aeronautical Engineering both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. An essential feature of the book in hand is its completeness in all respect. A reasonably deep coverage is presented on each topic incorporating the latest information available. A must of problems have been solved in each chapter with a purpose to illustrate the fundamental principles of various methods of stress analysis. At the end of each chapter quiz questions, numerous exercises and references have been added for practice and further reading. A special advantage of the book is its presentation, which is simple and thorough. The material embodied has been carefully chosen from various research journals and books and assimilated by the author over the past many years.
MRP: Rs 295.00
Offer: Rs 221.25

Fluid Mechanics (In IS Units)

By Frank M White
The book provides a well-balanced coverage of physical concepts, mathematical operations and practical demonstrations within the scope of Fluid Mechanics. The text provides a highly intuitive and practical understanding of the topics by excellent progression from physical concepts to engineering applications. The concepts have been presented in an unambiguous, precise and to the point manner.
MRP: Rs 750.00
Offer: Rs 562.50

Fundamentals of Aerodynamics

By John D Anderson
Fundamentals Of Aerodynamics (SI Units) offers an up-to-date overview of aerodynamics, and the book progresses logically through the concepts in an organized manner. The book is broadly divided into four main parts - Fundamental Principles, Inviscid, Incompressible Flow, Inviscid, Compressible Flow, and Viscous Flow. Aerodynamics is the study of airflow through and around an object. It is a branch of fluid dynamics that studies the forces that act on an object as it moves. Objects that fly through air are governed by the rule of aerodynamics, and it affects everything from kites and airplanes to rockets. Fundamentals Of Aerodynamics (SI Units) starts with a little history, and talks about the evolution of aerodynamics. The author cites a few interesting examples, like the lighter and maneuverable design of British ships and how such design helped them win during their confrontation with the mighty Spanish Armada in the sixteenth century. He also explains how the Wright brothers experimented with various aerodynamic designs for their gliders before they could come up with one that succeeded in staying up in the air for a long time and flying efficiently. Starting with these interesting historical anecdotes, the author proceeds to explore the subject of aerodynamics in detail. The first part has two chapters - Some Introductory Thoughts and Some Fundamental Principles and Equations. Part Two covers Fundamentals of Inviscid, Incompressible Flow, Incompressible Flow Over AirFoils, Incompressible Flow Over Finite Wings, and Three-Dimensional Incompressible Flow. Part Three takes the readers through chapters like Compressible Flow: Some Preliminary Aspects, Normal Shock Waves and Related Topics, Oblique Shock and Expansion Waves, and Compressible Flow Through Nozzles, Diffusers and Wind Tunnels. This part also provides a detailed look into Subsonic Compressible Flow Over Airfoils: Linear Theory, Linearized Supersonic Flow, Introduction to Numerical Techniques for Nonlinear Supersonic Flow, and Elements of Hypersonic Flow. Part Four covers chapters such as Introduction to the Fundamental Principles and Equations of Viscous Flow, Some Special Cases; Couette and Poiseuille Flows, Introduction to Boundary Layers, Laminar Boundary Layers, Turbulent Boundary Layers, and Navier-Stokes Solutions: Some Examples. This book is a special Indian edition, and it is written using SI Units. It also includes information about Indian research activities. It includes teaching aids and road maps that guide the readers through the material. The book also features Preview Boxes and Design Boxes. Preview Boxes, present at the beginning of each chapter, provide an overview of what is covered in that chapter and why it is important. Design Boxes highlight some interesting applications of the concepts explained.
MRP: Rs 985.00
Offer: Rs 738.75

Gas Turbine and Jet & Rocket Propulsion

By M L Mathur
MRP: Rs 125.00
Offer: Rs 93.75

Introduction to Flight(In SI Units)

By John D Anderson
This hallmark text has been designed to present the basic fundamentals of aerospace engineering at the introductory level in the clearest, simplest and most motivating way possible. The book written in a conversational writing style attempts to talk to the readers and is meant to be enjoyed as well as understood. The ideas are explained in a carefully planned manner with the uninitiated reader in mind and have been made interesting by the inclusion of Roadmaps, Design Boxes, Preview Boxes etc.
MRP: Rs 995.00
Offer: Rs 746.25

Jet Propulsion

By Nick A Cumpsty
MRP: Rs 895.00
Offer: Rs 671.25
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