An Integrated Approach To Software Engineering

by Pankaj Jalote
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  • Narosa Publishing House
  • Pankaj Jalote
  • 3
  • Paperback
  • 8173197024
  • 510
  • 2008
  • English
  • 9788173197024
An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering, published in 2005 by Narosa Publishing House, is the third edition of the popular textbook on software engineering. This book is meant for software developers and computer science students. The author lucidly explains the software development cycle and briefs his readers on the significant parts. The book introduces the various processes and principles of software engineering as well as the practical application of those principles with the help of a case study. This model that is followed by the book smoothly integrates the key topics regarding the management of software development projects for resolving common challenges that are often faced by developers. The approach described in the book can help readers ensure consistency, maintain high levels of quality, and enhance productivity in software engineering projects. The exercises given in the book are designed to help the readers apply the techniques taught in the book.
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