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By Frank H. Netter MD
The gold standard of excellence for 25 years, Frank H. Netter, MD’s Atlas of Human Anatomy offers unsurpassed depictions of the human body in clear, brilliant detail - all from a clinician’s perspective. With its emphasis on anatomic relationships and clinically relevant views, Dr. Netter’s work provides a coherent, lasting visual vocabulary for understanding anatomy and how it applies to medicine today.
MRP: Rs 199.00
Offer: Rs 149.25

Human Anatomy : Regional and Applied Disse...

By Lower Limb, Abdomen, Pelvis
It is Well acclaimed as a standard text in view of its simple language, comprehensive coverage and attractive presentation, BD Chaurasia Human Anatomy remains the most preferred and an ideal textbook both in India and abroad. The sixth edition of the book has been rewritten, thoroughly revised and updated, to make it still more student-friendly. This edition now features • Freshly drawn diagrams in vivid colours with redesigned labelling and clarity of depiction •
MRP: Rs 569.00
Offer: Rs 426.75

Handbook of General Anatomy

By B D Chaurasia's
MRP: Rs 220.00
Offer: Rs 165.00

Clinical and Surgical Anatomy

By Vishram Singh
In a clear and succinct style, this book highlights the anatomical basis of medicine and surgery. The book covers all the main branches of anatomy and adopts a unique problem-solving approach throughout the presentation. It discusses the commonly encountered problems from various areas of clinical medicine and surgery and explains the anatomical basis of these problems. The book thus provides a sound foundation leading to a richer understanding of clinical medicine and surgery.
MRP: Rs 225.00
Offer: Rs 168.75

Human Anatomy : Regional and Applied Disse...

By B D Chaurasia
Human Anatomy Upper Limb Thorax is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Medicine. The book comprises of chapters on bones of upper limb, pectoral region, scapular region, forearm and hand, joints of upper limb, wall of thorax, thoracic cavity and the pleura, pericardium, and the heart. In addition, the book consists of several detailed diagrams and illustrations for the students to understand the concepts better. This book is essential for medical students preparing for various postgraduate medical entrance examinations.
MRP: Rs 479.00
Offer: Rs 359.25
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