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Global Biodiversity Assessment : Summary f...

By R T Watson, V H Heywood, I Baste, B Dias, R Gamez, W Reid, G Ruark
The Global Biodiversity Assessment is an independent, peer-reviewed, scientific analysis and assessment of the biological and socio-economic aspects of biodiversity. It was commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The main conclusions drawn by the Assessment are presented in this 1995 Summary for Policy-Makers, which, together with the Executive Summary, has been prepared by the Editorial Group of the Global Biodiversity Assessment.
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Psychological Testing

By Anastasi
This text provides a succinct and clear analysis of the subject of Psychological Testing from a contemporary viewpoint and modern perspective, based on a novel approach. The book covers various types of tests and their applications, the increased responsibility of users in selecting appropriate tests and methods, interpreting scores, and communicating and using test results. Besides, it provides information on test constructions, i.e. how tests are developed to meet the needs of a test user. The book also provides simple explanations of some of the widely used and rapidly developing concepts and procedures which are likely to affect psychometric practices in the 21st century. Because of the rapid strides made in technological advances, especially in computers and information processing, the text takes into account the increasing influence of computerization in test development, test construction and test administration besides the use of computers in test screening and processing.
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Fundamentals of Information Technology

By Alexis Leon, Mathews Leon
The Second Edition Of The Book Fundamentals Of Information Technology Deals With It And Related Topics From Fundamentals To The Advanced. This New And Revised Edition Includes New Chapters On Rdbms & Sol, Modern Databases, Web Technologies And Web Design, Cryptography, Computer Security, Etc. It Also Includes New And Emerging Fields Of It Like Kdd, Al, Bl, Erp, Scm, Crm, Mobile Computing And Business On The Internet, Etc.Up-To-Date And Comprehensive, This Book Provides Information On It Resources, Computers, Communications Systems, Micro Electronics, Networks, Software, Data, People And So On. The Book Also Discusses The Advantages And Limitations Of The Various Technological Achievements To Enable Effective Use Of These Resources.
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Fundamental of Computers

By V Rajaraman
Fundamentals of Computers-b> lucidly presents how a computer system functions, besides teaching basics of programming. Both hardware and software aspects of computers are covered. The book begins with how numeric and character data are represented in a computer, how various input and output units function, how different types of memory units are organized and how data is processed by the processor. The interconnection and communication between the I/O units memory and processor is explained clearly and concisely. Software concepts such as programming languages, operating systems and communication protocols are discussed. With growing use of wireless to access computer networks both cellular wireless communication and WiFi (Wireless high fidelity) and WiMAX have become important. Thus it has now become part of -fundamental knowledge- and has been included. Besides this, use of computers in multimedia processing has become common place and hence is discussed. With the increase in speed of networks and consequently the Internet new computing environments such as peer to peer, grid, cloud and utility computing have emerged and will change the future of computing. Hence a new chapter on this topic has been included in this edition.
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Computer Organization

By Zvonko Vranesic, Safwat Zaky, Carl Hamacher
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Introduction to the Constitution of India

By Dr Durga, Das Basu
Dr. Durga Das Basu is an Indian jurist and has authored books like Law of The Press, Constitutional Law of India, Human Rights in Constitutional Law and many international human rights documents. His extensive professional experience and mastery on the issues of law and constitution are reflected in all his works. His art of analysis and critical approach have made his books more than just textbooks or guidebooks. Several universities in India have given him honorary doctorates and he has been also awarded with a doctorate of law from the University of Calcutta.
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The Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of a ...

By Granville S. Austin
In this classic work, based on original sources, one of the world's leading experts on Indian constitution law examines the ideals, motivations, and vision of the founders of the Indian Constitution. He analyses the extent to which they were successful in articulating India's goals and in designing be necessary governing structures. The book shows how the constitution has been a socially revolutionary and modernizing force. The author contends that the seeds of solutions to existing and future problems can be found within the document's principles and that it is misguided to say that the constitution has not 'worked'.
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The Biodiversity of India

By Erach Bharucha
The over 45,000 plant and 77,000 animal species that have been recorded in India make up 7 per cent of the total plant and 6.4 per cent of the animal species found in the world. The enormous variation in landscapes based on climate and topography has created different ecosystems that support and nurture this biodiversity, which is among the country’s most distinctive features. From the majestic Himalayas in the North to the lush tropics of the South, the precious natural resources of the subcontinent are found in forest, grassland, desert and semi-arid, island, coastal, belt and marine ecosystems. Industrialisation and modern ways of life are pillaging these resources and posing a monumental threat to the natural world. It is estimated that as many as 50 per cent of the earth’s species are likely to become extinct during the next two decades with 1300 photographs, 400 illustrations, five animations, 21 videoclips and 26 bird calls captured in 62 of India’s national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, which are among the 566 protected areas that cover only 4.6 percent of the country, this educational CD-ROM provides an interactive experience on biodiversity answering important questions like how is biodiversity degraded? Why do we need to conserve it? An informative booklet provides detailed information on biodiversity and conservation in India.
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