Biomedical Engineering

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A short textbook on ENT Diseases

By K.B.Bhargav, S.K.Bhargava,T.M.Shah
MRP: Rs 830.00
Offer: Rs 622.50

Basic of Anesthesia

By Ronald D. Miller, Manuel C. Pardo
With the most authoritative and complete overview of anesthesia theory and practice, the latest edition of Basic Anesthesia, edited by noted anesthesiologist Ronald D. Miller, MD and Manuel C. Pardo, Jr. MD, continues to serve as an excellent primer on the scope and practice of anesthesiology. Widely acknowledged as the foremost introductory text, the new edition now presented in full color throughout has been thoroughly updated to reflect new and rapidly changing areas in anesthesia practice including new chapters on awareness under anesthesia, quality and patient safety, orthopedics and expanded coverage of new ultrasound techniques in regional anesthesiology with detailed illustrated guidance. You can access the full text and image library online at
MRP: Rs 1275.00
Offer: Rs 956.25

Elements of Mechanical Engineering

By Trymbaka Murthy
Suitable for the students of mechanical engineering, this title features: step-by-step approach to help students understand and draw sketches through exhaustive descriptions using sketches and photographs; solutions to problems using common equations; inclusion of a large number of problems solved by different methods using sketches and more.
MRP: Rs 225.00
Offer: Rs 168.75

A text book of Engineering Mathematics

By N.P.Bali, Manish Goyal
The underlying object of this book is to provide the readers with the thorough understanding of topics included in the syllabus of mathematics for engineering students.
MRP: Rs 1095.00
Offer: Rs 821.25

8088 and 8086 Microprocessors - Programmin...

By Walter A Triebel, Avtar Singh
8088 & 8086 Microprocessors Programming Interfacinsoftware Hardware & Applications Published in the year 2007, The 8088 And 8086 Microprocessors is a book that provides the readers with a comprehensive study of the hardware, and software aspects of the 8086, and 8088 microprocessors.The 8088 And 8086 Microprocessors: Programming, Interfacing, Software, Hardware And Applications is a book that targets future designers of microprocessor-based electronic equipment, providing them with a systems-level insight into the 8086, and 8088 microprocessors. This book provides the readers with insight into assembling, running, and debugging programs. It also explains how to develop, troubleshoot, and test interface circuits.There are 15 chapters present in this book, and some of them include Assembly Language Programming, Assembly Language Program Development With MASM, Memory Devices, Circuits And Subsystem Design, Connecting Assembly Language To C, Software Architecture Of The 8088 And 8086 Microprocessors, Interrupt Interface Of The 8088 And 8086 Microprocessors, and Introduction To Microprocessors And Microcomputers.Some other chapters include Real-Mode Software And Hardware Architecture Of The 80286 Microprocessor, 8088/8086 Programming-Control Flow Instructions And Program Structures, Machine Language Coding And The Debug Software Development Program Of The PC, The 80386, 80486 And Pentium Processor Families: Hardware Architecture, and 8088/8086 Programming-Integer Instructions And Computations.
MRP: Rs 779.00
Offer: Rs 584.25

Embedded System Design: A Unified Hardware...

By Frank Vahid,Tony Givargis
Embedded systems are a core part of several streams of engineering and it is important that students of these courses understand the concepts behind and the various functions of embedded systems. Embedded System Design: A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction was written for students to learn the principles of the subject and can also be used by professionals to brush up on their basics. Embedded System Design: A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction includes a vast array of topics that encompass all the major concepts, theories and equations that are related to how embedded systems work. The book discusses the different kinds of microprocessors that are available and lists all their important features and explains how they help build an attractive and competent hardware or software system. The book also helps students in understanding the role that other components like integrated circuits, buses and chips have in the building and designing process. In addition, the book also explains advanced computational models and their advantages. The book was published in the year 2002 by Wiley India Pvt. Ltd and is available in paperback. Key Features: The book provides simple examples that differentiate software from hardware. It includes a complete appendix for online resources.
MRP: Rs 499.00
Offer: Rs 374.25

A Verilog HDL

By J.Bhaskar
Written for new users. - Explains the language through simple examples. - Explains the syntax of language using commonly-used design terminology. - Explains the behavioral style, the dataflow style, and structural style in detail. - Concepts of delay and timing are clearly explained. - Testbench writing is made easier by providing a number of examples. - Many hardware modeling examples have also been provided to make this an excellent reference. Also includes exercises for every chapter and expanded coverage of more language features including test bench writing strategies. Third edition is based on IEEE Verilog 2001 Standard. It includes explanations of all the new features introduced in this version of the language, with examples.
MRP: Rs 425.00
Offer: Rs 318.75

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

By Erwin Kreyszig
This version of Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Prof. Erwin Kreyszig, globally the popular textbook on the subject is restructured to present the content in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. It fulfills the need for a book that not only effectively explains the concepts but also aids in visualizing the underlying geometric interpretation. Every chapter has easy to follow explanation of the theory and numerous step-by-step solved problems and examples. The questions have been hand-picked to suit the current pattern of questions asked. Extreme care has been taken to provide careful and correct mathematics, outstanding exercises. Differential equations of first order Linear differential equations of second and higher order Series solution and special functions Laplace transforms Fourier series Partial differential equations and their applications
MRP: Rs 509.00
Offer: Rs 381.75
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