by Vasantha Pattabi and N. Goutham
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  • Narosa Publishing House
  • Vasantha Pattabi and N. Goutham
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  • 8173199612
  • 2009
  • English
  • 9788173199615
Biophysics is an interdisciplinary topic of great importance in Modern Biology. This volume not only addresses the needs of biologists and biochemists but also contains material for a one-semester course offered to Master's students of life sciences. It covers a wide range of topics from quantum mechanics to pre-biotic evolution. Understanding the topics covered in the book requires only basic, school level mathematics.?Introduces and refreshes the reader?s knowledge of physics and chemistry.?Covers various physico?chemical techniques used to study biomolecular structures.?Treatment of spectroscopy, microscopy, diffraction and computational techniques.?Detailed coverage of X-ray crystallography and NMR.?Exemplifies results of applications covered in the book.?Inclusion of related topics namely energy pathways, biomechanics and neuro-biophysics.NEW TO THE SECOND EDITION:?Introductory topics extensively revised.?Explanations simplified to make them more accessible.?New topics introduced ? DNA nanostructure, mass spectroscopy.?Figures and tables modified and improved. Table Of Contents: Preface to the Second Edition / Preface to the First Edition / Laws of Physics and Chemistry / Separation Techniques / Physico-Chemical Techniques to Study Biomolecules / Spectroscopy / Light Microscopy / Electron Microscopy / X-Ray Crystallography / NMR Spectroscopy / Molecular Modelling / Macromolecular Structure / Energy Pathways in Biology / Biomechanics / Neurobiophysics / Origin and Evolution of Life / Further Reading / Index. Audience Postgraduate students as well as Biologists, Biochemists, Biomedical Engineers, Physicists and Pharmacologists

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