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Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Exam...

By R. S. Aggarwal
Competitive exams, whether they are conducted to select candidates for jobs, or for admission to post graduate and doctorate courses, test the numerical aptitude of the person taking the exam. These exams test a candidate's knowledge and skill in basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry etc. They also test the Quantitative Aptitude skills of the candidate. This book is divided into two sections. The first part covers arithmetical ability. The second part covers Data Interpretation. The first part begins by taking a look at Numbers, Average, Percentage, Decimal Fractions, H.C.F. and L.C.M., Square Roots and Cube Roots. Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations also covers Problems on Numbers and Ages, Simplification, Alligations, and Logarithms. Other topics discussed include Surds and Indices, Pipes and Cistern, Chain Rule, Boats and Streams, Simple and Compound Interests, Time and Work, Partnership, Problems on Trains, and Volume and Surface Area. This text also goes into Stocks and Shares, True Discount and Banker's Discount, Games of Skill, Races, Permutations and Combination, Series, Odd Man Out, Clocks, Heights and Distances, and Calendar. The Data Interpretation part covers Tabulation and various kinds of graphs like Bar, Pie and Line Graphs. Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations covers every aspect of the numerical ability section of many competitive tests. Numerous examples have been used throughout the book to illustrate the concepts and problem solving techniques. This book gives the students or candidates a good idea about the kind of questions asked in these exams.
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Offer: Rs 416.50

Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT

By Rajesh Balasubramanian
This new edition focuses more on building the thought processes of students and less on building a question-bank. Fewer questions with detailed discussions is the motto of the book and the inclusion of video solutions for the critical questions from each topic is a step in that direction. There is also a discount scratch card in the book for online mock tests for practice. The structure of the book revolves around 5 broad CAT preparation aspects Start from the scratch-gradually increase the difficulty level. Each chapter is divided into theory, exercise questions and CAT-level questions. Focus more on building the thought-process and less on getting answers.Almost every question in the book comes with a detailed solution and in some solutions theory is revisited to build the thought-process. Stay away from get-high-scores-quickly schemes. Picking the best method as soon as one reads the question will help tackle all the questions with time to spare. This book stays away from short-cuts and other oversimplifications to ensure focus on fundamentals. Assess where you stand every now and then. Each topic in the book ends with a set of CAT-level(1 & 2) questions that acts as a benchmark for students. The CAT-level questions fall by and large into the band of difficulty one is likely to see in the CAT. Prepare with intensity, but enjoy the preparation. The CAT tests intensity and stamina as much as it tests application. This book would help students prepare with intensity without a feeling of being burdened by it. The book in a nutshell There are 27 chapters in the book, with each topic containing theory with solved examples, exercise questions and CAT-level questions. All the questions have detailed solutions. The level of difficulty of the CAT-level question is mentioned where the solution is provided. This is followed by CAT Papers (Quants) of the years 2006, 2007 and 2008 with solutions for the first two. There are also three Mock CAT papers for the Quantitative Aptitude section, again with solutions for the first two.
MRP: Rs 575.00
Offer: Rs 402.50

Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT

By Rajesh Balasubramanian
MRP: Rs 595.00
Offer: Rs 416.50

A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning

By R. S. Agarawal
MRP: Rs 475.00
Offer: Rs 332.50

Mathematics for MBA Entrance Examinations ...

By R. S. Aggarwal
MRP: Rs 495.00
Offer: Rs 346.50

Number System for the CAT

By Nishit K. Sinha
MRP: Rs 250.00
Offer: Rs 175.00

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Read...

By Arun Sharma, Meenakshi Upadhyay
How to prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay is a best-selling titles for students taking the CAT and other management exams. A comprehensive text on tackling the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension portion of the CAT, it covers the entire range and all the levels of questions asked in these examinations. It has been developed by authors who are acknowledged CAT trainers. This book is a one-stop solution for successfully attemting the English portion of the CAT.
MRP: Rs 725.00
Offer: Rs 507.50

How to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT

By Arun Sharma
"The Second revised edition of Logical Reasoning for CAT by well known author Arun Sharma reierates the importance of reasoning as a subject in CAT and other MBA entrance examinations. It provides clear guidelines on how to successfully tackle the questions asked in this section. A good score in this section considerably eases the pressure on doing well in the Verbal Ability section."
MRP: Rs 525.00
Offer: Rs 367.50
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