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Strengthen Your Writing

By V. R. Narayanaswami
Strengthen Your Writing’ is an intensive course in writing that promotes the understanding and practice of the essential aspects of English composition and related study skills relevant to students at the intermediate and first-year degree levels. The book is designed to help students acquire and reinforce their writing skills in English in preparation for a successful academic and professional life. The revised edition includes a range of fresh texts based on themes that are modern as well as interesting. Skills not relevant or infrequently used have been omitted and new skills such as writing e-mail messages, memorandums and résumés, which are demanded of students today, have been introduced. There are well-explained models to illustrate different forms of writing as well as a large number of revised, contextualized exercises that provide students with sufficient opportunity for practice. Also included in the book are brief notes in shaded boxes on topics like bias-free writing and the use of parallel structure in composition, which would be of value to students aiming to improve their writing skills in English. Finally, the chapters in the new edition have been reorganized to lead students slowly from simple writing skills to more complex ones, and the book concludes with a unit that shows how graphics can be used effectively to supplement writing.
MRP: Rs 175.00
Offer: Rs 131.25

Microeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Appro...

By James Mitchell Henderson, Richard E. Quandt
MRP: Rs 8001.80
Offer: Rs 6001.35


By Stephen L. Slavin
Praise for thr Tenth Edition "When I was a student, I discovered that reading Mansfield-s Microeconomics was the only way-in the space of one semester-to learn how to use microeconomics to solve real problems. Gary Yohe-s Tenth Edition only improves upon that tradition. A carefully woven tapestry of text, diagrams, math, worked-out examples, and problems and an innovative set of cross-chapter cases will prepare students to tackle the most challenging economic problems of the day. This book is pleasingly contemporary, eminently readable, and highly motivational." - John Weyant, Stanford University "I have used other books, yet I still like Mansfield/Yohe Tenth Edition more than the others. I find the discussion of the material clear; I like the examples and case studies; and I also like the end-of- chapter problems." - Farahmand Rezvani, Montclair State University Description: Ever since Edwin Mansfield pioneered the popular theory-and-application approach with the First Edition of Microeconomics, the text has been a perennial leader in the intermediate microeconomics course field. Starting with the Tenth Edition and continuing with the Eleventh, co-author Gary Yohe has thoroughly revised the text while retaining its traditional strengths. Ideas like the roles of risk and uncertainty, strategic behavior, auction design, and asymmetric information were just beginning to take their now significant places on research frontier. Reflecting an evolving contemporary approach, this edition devotes an expanding number of pages to these and other topics. Discussions remain accurate and clear, making use of engaging examples that draw on real-world applications to motivate the presentation of theory. The book explains microeconomic theory in the clearest and most interesting way while offering a wide range of application. This revitalized classic promises to continue to please instructors and their students. Contents: PART ONE: Introduction - Microeconomics - Introduction - Ta
MRP: Rs 725.00
Offer: Rs 543.75

Principles Of Economics

By Deviga Vengedasalam
This edition has been rewritten to take account of the latest international developments and the core material revised to ensure students have the best possible account of both theory and practice of the subject. The book provides the student with a thorough grounding in all the theoretical components of a first course in economics, supported with world-wide case studies. Learning aids such as chapter summaries, topics for review, discussion questions and a glossary of economic terms all help to guide the student through the course, whilst a lively four-colour text design, and over three hundred annotated figures present information in a stimulating format. A range of ancillary products to accompany the text includes a test bank of revision questions, instructor\'s manual and set of overhead transparency masters
MRP: Rs 525.00
Offer: Rs 393.75

Modern Political Theory

By S. P. Varma
Modern Political Theory 1st Edition, authored by S. P. Varma, is a book that examines the contemporary state of political theory. It provides the student or professional with an assessment of the achievements and limitations of the behavioural revolution.
MRP: Rs 395.00
Offer: Rs 296.25

Strengthen Your Writing

By Narayanaswamy
This book aims at improving the composition and writing skills of the higher secondary and school-leaving student. The writing tasks represent the continuous forms which will be useful to the student both in academic and professional life.
MRP: Rs 175.00
Offer: Rs 131.25

Monetary Economics

By M L Jhingan
In this textbook Mervyn Lewis and Paul Mizen cover all the material required for a complete course on monetary economics. Their book integrates all the immense changes of recent years. Taking the UK as their starting point, the authors have written a clear and interesting account of both theoretical and practical aspects of money's role in the economy. authors combine practical expertise with distinguished academic records both authors are experienced textbook writers international data incorporated to illuminate key concepts. grounded in theory throughout helpful chapter conclusions summarize the key ideas of each topic area
MRP: Rs 275.00
Offer: Rs 206.25

Macroeconomic Analysis

By Edward Shapiro
Macroeconomic Analysis 5th Edition, authored by Edward Shapiro, is a comprehensive book for B.A. students who are specializing in Economics. About Galgotia Publications Pvt. Ltd. Galgotia Publications Pvt. Ltd. is a leading publisher of educational books. They are also suppliers and manufacturers of academic books and books for children. The publishing house is located in Delhi and runs under the guidance of Mr. Suneel Galgotia, the Chancellor of Galgotias University in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.They have published books like Barrons GRE 20th Edition, Barron's The Leader in Test Preparation TOEFL IBT 2014, Macroeconomic Analysis 5/e, Hand Book Of Biology 1st Edition and Computer Science Question Bank 5th Edition.
MRP: Rs 295.00
Offer: Rs 221.25

Rural Sociology in India

By A.R. Desai
This book attempts to give in one volume the significant writing from the large bulk of literature on various aspects of India rural society.
MRP: Rs 800.00
Offer: Rs 600.00

Hindu Social Organization

By Pandharinath H Prabhu
Offer an attempt in understanding the Hindu social psychology and institutions.
MRP: Rs 200.00
Offer: Rs 150.00

International Relations

By Peu Ghosh
This text is designed to meet a variety of needs. It has enough substance and breadth to serve as a basic text for either a one-term or a one-year course. The first half deals essentially with the principles, instruments, institutions, and techniques of international relations, and the second with contemporary world politics. However it is used, it can - and should - be supplemented by a variety of readings and exercises, in accordance with the tastes and interests of the instructors, who, it is hoped will bear in mind the needs and backgrounds of their students and will be familiar with new developments in the field.
MRP: Rs 350.00
Offer: Rs 262.50

Methodology And Techniques Of Social Research

By P. L. Bhandarkar, T. S. Wilkinson
This book to present a cancise, cogent comprehensive and critical exposition of the varied techniques employed in social research and the methodogical bases underlying them. This book to present a cancise, cogent comprehensive and critical exposition of the varied techniques employed in social research and the methodogical bases underlying them. The book is, therefore, likely to be useful to students of social science in general and of Socilology in particular, who are engaged in post-graduate or predoctoral studies. Consequently especial efforts have been made to make the contents of the book relevant to the syllabi of the various universities in the country. About The Author: About P.L.Bhandarkar M.A., Ph.D., LLM.Former Professor,Post-Graduate Department of Sociology,and Vice-Chacellor,Nagpur University,Nagpur. About T.S.Wilkinson M.A., Ph.D.Former,Principal and Head, (Retd.)Department of Sociology,Hislop College,Nagpur. Table Of Contents: Book Content of Methodology and Techniques of Social Research Scientific Social Research The Problem of Objectivity in Social Research The Research Process Formulation of Problem in Social Research Hypotheses: Their Nature and Role in Social Research Concepts-Their Role in Scientific Investigation and Development of Science The Design of Research The General Problems of Measurement Data Collection Observation The Interview Method The Questionnaire The Projective Techniques The Scaling Techniques Sociometry The Case Study Method Sampling:Method and Techniques Analysis of Data and Interpretation The Research Report Research and Theory Social Research and Values
MRP: Rs 275.00
Offer: Rs 206.25
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