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Indian Financial System

By M Y Khan
This new edition of Financial Management continues to emphasise on the theories, concepts, and techniques that aidin corporate decision making. Apart from updating the chapters with recent developments in the subject, it presentsto the readers several new cases and examples, along with new-age tools like ‘excel’ for problem solving.
MRP: Rs 575.00
Offer: Rs 402.50

Mass Communication: Principles And Concepts

By Seema Hasan
This book is designed to give a general and comprehensive view of mass communication to the student. The book is unique in presenting mass communication journalism advertising public relations photography broadcast media media laws and media research and new media technologies in one volume. It is a challenging book and an essential reading for all students teachers trainers researchers practitioners professionals and educators of mass communication. The mass communicator needs to know the basic role of communication principles and concepts be it the print or electronic medium or performing arts. The book serves the purpose of all students of mass media and journalism and learners in the field as it is designed specially keeping in focus the academic syllabi of leading universities and colleges.The book includes all aspects of media literacy as it is an essential survival skill for everyone in the society. This book presents an overview of the social and communication roles of various channels of mass media covering various operational areas and is designed to serve as a textbook for all students of mass communication journalism advertising public relations.
MRP: Rs 495.00
Offer: Rs 371.25

News Writing and Reporting

By Carole Rich
Intended to be the core text for the introductory news writing and reporting course which may be titled Introduction to News Reporting and Writing, News and Feature Writing, News writing, or Journalistic Reporting and Writing. Students often take this course as the initial news reporting/writing requirement in a school of Journalism or Mass Communications department. Key Feature Each chapter features new information, examples, and exercises to keep students abreast of the most recent trends and techniques in journalism and help them develop the skills needed for success in this highly dynamic industry Ethics boxes in every chapter provide special emphasis to help students prepare for professional success by developing the skills and judgment needed to excel in a modern media environment Dedicated chapters on web journalism, English grammar and usage, and multicultural sensitivity provide in-depth coverage of key topics such as communicating effectively via the Internet, the mechanics of writing, and considerations of personal bias and how it can impact journalistic objectivity
MRP: Rs 435.00
Offer: Rs 326.25

Writing for the Media

By Usha Raman
Writing for the Media provides guidelines for writing news and features for newspapers and magazines, and writing for the Web. Readers are introduced to the dynamics of news production for print: from editorial decision making to reporting, editing, and layout. Broadly, the writing process is divided into four stages: conception, collection of information, construction of stories, and correction or editing. In addition, the various genres of newspaper/magazine writing are dealt with in detail: basic news stories, features of various kinds, profiles, investigative and research-based stories, and special interest stories. The approach in each of these cases is to study the anatomy of a published story and follow it through from inception to publication, using first-hand reports from the writers. The book covers the basics of various areas of media such as reporting, editing, newspaper management, layout of stories, etc. in a comprehensive manner with Indian examples. With its practice-based approach and lucid style of presentation, the book would be equally useful for working media professionals.
MRP: Rs 365.00
Offer: Rs 273.75

Digital and Analog Communication Systems

By K. Sam Shanmugam
The book provides a detailed, unified treatment of theoretical and practical aspects of digital and analog communication systems, with emphasis on digital communication systems. It integrates theory-keeping theoretical details to a minimum-with over 60 practical, worked examples illustrating real-life methods. The text emphasizes deriving design equations that relate performance of functional blocks to design parameters. It illustrates how to trade off between power, band-width and equipment complexity while maintaining an acceptable quality of performance. Material is modularized so that appropriate portions can be selected to teach several different courses. The book also includes over 300 problems and an annotated bibliography in each chapter
MRP: Rs 469.00
Offer: Rs 351.75

News Reporting and Editing

By K M Shrivastava
The change in the media have not led to the death of newspaper, radio or television. On the contrary, there is an influx of news in the form of newspapers and news channels. Subsequently the number of institutes catering to the students of journalism has increased.
MRP: Rs 250.00
Offer: Rs 187.50

Media Ethics

By Paranjoy Guha Thakurta
This second expanded edition of Media Ethics is aimed at sensitizing aspiring media students to issues faced by working professionals. It offers a theoretical rationale for acting in an ethical manner and provides practical guidelines as well.
MRP: Rs 450.00
Offer: Rs 337.50

Total quality Management

By Suganthi L, Samuel A Anand
This comprehensive, student friendly book is intended as a tool to achieve quality in organizations. Completing a course based on topics covered in this book will make one confident enough to implement quality management principles in a given situation. A holistic approach, practical relevance, effective learning and a compendium of A to Z of TQM distinguish this well-written text. Inclusion of the findings of research carried out by the authors in industries and educational institutions add flavour to the book. Various examples are drawn from institutional experience, which make the understanding of the concepts easy. The special feature of this book is that every chapter has a case study, in addition to a host of short questions and summary type questions. The questions for group discussion, practical exercises and net based exercises given at the end of every chapter are unique. Intended primarily as a textbook for engineering and management students, this book would also be useful for the in-house training of engineers and managers of various industries and organizations on TQM. The book may be effectively used as a resource material for quality professionals and consultants.
MRP: Rs 275.00
Offer: Rs 206.25

Mass Communication Theory

By Stanley J.Baran, Dennis K.Davis
MASS COMMUNICATION THEORY: FOUNDATIONS, FERMENT, AND FUTURE, Fifth Edition, introduces you to current and classical mass communication theories and explains the media literacy movement in terms you can understand. Plus, this mass communication textbook helps you develop a better understanding of media theory so you can play a role in the media industry's future. Written in an accessible writing style, the text is designed to help you perform well on exams and succeed in the course.
MRP: Rs 8146.00
Offer: Rs 6109.50

Theories of Political Economy

By James A. Caporaso, David P. Levine
"Political economy" has been the term used for the past 300 years to express the interrelationship between the political and economic affairs of the state. In Theories of Political Economy, James A. Caporaso and David P. Levine explore some of the more important frameworks for understanding the relation between politics and economics, including the classical, Marxian, Keynesian, neoclassical, state-centered, power-centered, and justice-centered. The book emphasizes understanding both the differences among the overall frameworks of the theories and the issues common to them.
MRP: Rs 2816.00
Offer: Rs 2112.00

Business Communication

By Kitty Locker, Stephen Kaczmarek
This text takes a hands-on approach. Its innovative module structure allows students and instructors to focus on specific skills. While grounded in solid business communication fundamentals, this paperback takes a strong workplace activity orientation which helps students connect what they learn to what they do or will do on the job.
MRP: Rs 795.00
Offer: Rs 596.25

Business Communication: Skills, Concepts, ...

By P.D. Chaturvedi
Communication is considered to be the most important and most efective ingredient of the management process. The book is organised into five parts, grouping all the chapters into divisions: communication theory, writing fundamentals; business correspondence; report writing; and other communication techniques. The basic plan of the book is to summarize communication theory and then to relate theory to applications in business. The coverage of business communication application includes correspondence, report writing, and oral communication and builds from the theory presented.
MRP: Rs 450.00
Offer: Rs 337.50
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