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Financial Accounting : Principles and Prac...

By Prof Jawahar Lal, Dr Seema Srivastava
For the students of B.Com., BBA, MBA, MFC, MIB, MHROD, CFA and other courses of different Indian Universities and Management Institutes.About the Author Department of Commerce, Ex-Head, Ex-Dean, Faculty of Commerce& Business, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.Delhi-110007
MRP: Rs 540.00
Offer: Rs 405.00

Principles Of Economics

By N. Gregory Mankiw
PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS, Sixth Edition, became a best seller after its introduction and continues to be the most popular and widely used text in the economics classroom. Instructors found it the perfect complement to their teaching. A text by a superb writer and economist that stressed the most important concepts without overwhelming students with an excess of detail was a formula that was quickly imitated, but has yet to be matched. The sixth edition features a strong revision of content in all thirty-six chapters. Dozens of new applications emphasize the real-world relevance of economics for today's students through interesting news articles, realistic case studies, and engaging problems. The premier ancillary package is the most extensive in the industry, using a team of instructors/preparers that have been with the project since the first edition. The text material is again fully integrated into Aplia, the best-selling online homework solution.
MRP: Rs 625.00
Offer: Rs 468.75

Financial Accounting for BBA

By Dr S N Maheswari, Sharad K Maheshwari
Financial Accounting For BBA 1st Edition, authored by Dr S N Maheshwari and Sharad K Maheshwari, is a useful book for undergraduate students and meets their requirements at the BBA level.It is essential for students of Commerce.About Vikas Publishers Vikas Publishing House is a leading name in publishing for higher education.It specializes in the publication of academic and reference books in the fields of engineering, management, computer science, education and humanities.Their titles are recommended in top business schools, technical universities, engineering colleges, and also in undergraduate and postgraduate courses all over India.
MRP: Rs 425.00
Offer: Rs 318.75

Financial Accounting- I

By S P Jain, K L Narang
MRP: Rs 225.00
Offer: Rs 168.75

Financial Accounting

By Guruprasad Murthy
Financial Accounting is a modular approach to the learning of accounting.There are three modules.Module 1 articulates various aspects of accounting by using the accounting equations (Profit and Loss account equation and Balance Sheet equation).Module 1 has fine chapters and provides for 38 assignments in all.Module 2 is a building block which rests on the foundations laid on in module 1.There are ten chapters and various aspects of accounting which are stand alone topics like depreciation, inventory valuation, bad and doubtful debts, etc.are explored.Given the learning of Module 1 and Module 2 are exposed to the book-keeping process.Module 3 chapters the book-keeping process and peripheral aspects like bill transactions, accounting principles and accounting standards.In addition, some of the latest trends in disclosure practices, viz., cash flows, funds flow, costing are also explored.There is a chapter on creative accounting which is a caveat to the readers, how not be carried away by the scope of abusing accounting as a tool to fudge accounts.The epilogue provides inputs leading to the next stage of learning finance and accounting, viz., managerial finance ND accounting.This work should be useful to all staff and teachers of MBA/MMS/PG, part time and full time, degree and diploma programs of Universities not only in India but all over the world.Further this is a useful material for MDP and Other company training programs where participants have to get an exposure to accounting.I am sure, the work is received well by the stakeholders and will help them to understand accounting and make learning pleasant and optimistic rather than forced and fearful learning.About the Author Dr.Guruprasad Murthy, M.Com.(B.Com), Graduate of ICAME (Stanford, USA), Ph.D.L.L.M.(Criminal Lawa0 Certified fraud Examiner (CFE-USA), former Professor Director, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, University of Mumbai and Former Principal, R.A.Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Matunga, Mumbai is presently Director of Dr.V.N.Bedeakar Institute of Management Studies (Thane).Dr.Murthy was a NRI working for Emirates Airlines, Dubai (1994 to 2001).He was also a visiting professor in IIM Ahmedabad and presently he is a visiting professor in different Management Institutes in India, including S.P.Jain Institute of Management and Research and many other Management Institutes in different parts of the world.An eminent management expert and noted authority in Finance and Accounting, Dr.Murthy is a well-known author, researcher, teacher and management consultant to several public and private sector organizations, including the world Bank, all over the world.He is a prolific writer and has several books and research papers to his credit.He was won several nations and international awards for his contribution to management from time to time.Dr.Guruprasad Murthy was conferred with the 2006 Life Time Achievement Gold Medal by Indian Solidarity Council, New Delhi and the Rashtriya Vidya Saraswati Puraskar award by International Institute of Education and Management, Delhi for outstanding achievement in the chosen field of activity, Dr.Murthy has also been the proud recipient of other award in the past, viz., Tarneja Award 1978 for the best article in the Journal of RMA; Escorts Award DMA 1980 for his book on Financial Management; BMA Award 1990 for the best teacher in Mumbai amongst the Management Institutes, Association for Indian Management Schools (AIMS) Award 1991 as the best teacher from amongst the Management Institute in India; Gujarat State Consumer Protection Centre Award 1993 for outstanding contributions to the student community over the last three decades.
MRP: Rs 415.00
Offer: Rs 311.25

Indian Financial System

By Alice Mani
MRP: Rs 110.00
Offer: Rs 82.50

Financial Institutions and Markets : Struc...

By L M Bhole, Jitendra Mahakud
Financial Institutions And Markets: Structure, Growth And Innovations has improved upon it previous edition, incorporating all the changes that have been made in the Indian financial system since then.Summary Of The Book Financial Institutions And Markets: Structure, Growth And Innovations begins with an introduction and an overview of the financial system, explaining how various units such as banking and nonbanking firms, regulatory bodies and the organised and unorganised sectors are related.Important terminology, such as intermediaries, financial assets and financial security are also introduced.There is a section that is dedicated to regulatory and promotional boards in India.There are two in India, namely the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Securities Exchange Board of India or SEBI.There is another chapter on banking institutions, where the commercial and cooperative banks are explained in detail.Financial Institutions And Markets: Structure, Growth And Innovations then speaks of other important intermediaries, like non banking financial intermediaries as well as statutory financial organizations.Various markets such as the Call Money Market, the Discount Market and the Treasury Bills market are also discussed.Some of the important features of the book are the addition of techniques for relative valuation, like P/E and P/S ratios.There is also a portion dedicated to the discussion of second generation policy reforms.Other important features such as the addition of Market Stabilization Schemes (MSS), a section on risk management, inclusion of the BASEL norms and a section on global markets and the international financial system make Financial Institutions And Markets: Structure, Growth And Innovations a comprehensive book on the financial systems in India.About The Authors Jitendra Mahakud teaches at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur.He completed his Ph.D from IIT, Bombay.He is the Associate Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences.Mahakud has been conducting research in the areas of Equity Research, Financial Economics, Financial Markets, Fixed Income Securities, and Corporate Finance.L.M.Bhole is the Professor of Economics in the department of Humanities and Social Sciences in IIT Bombay.He has written a number of papers on Money and the Monetary Policy.L.M.Bhole has written Collected Papers on Money, Interest, and Monetary Policy and Unemployment, Inequality, Entrepreneurship, and other Collected Papers - Vol.4.L.M.Bhole completed his education from M.J.College, University of Bombay, and S.P.College and holds a B.A., M.A.and Ph.D.He has taken part in many workshops and seminars, and has been awarded the Ford Foundation Scholarship, and UGC Fellowship.He has written over 125 articles and 12 books.
MRP: Rs 699.00
Offer: Rs 524.25

Indian Financial System

By M Y Khan
The eighth edition of this leading textbook on indian financial system is aimed at reflecting the current regulatory and policy developments in the financial system in india.It comprehensively covers the significant developments till march 2013.featuresdiscussion on institutional placement programmed and rights issues of idrs under the section on qualifiedinstitutional placement and issue of idrscompletely re-written section on regulatory framework for issue of commercial papersrbi's guidelines on transfer of assets through securitization and direct assignment of cash flows, 2013rbi's nbfc micro finance institutions directions, 2012 and rbi's cics overseas investment directions, 2012infrastructure debt fund schemes of sebi in section dealing with the regulatory mechanism for mutual fundoperationsissuance of capital by life insurance companies regulation, 2012completely re-written framework on fdi policytable of contentspart i: the background1.Financial systems: functions and structure or organization2.Indian financial system, an overviewpart ii: financial markets3.Functions and organization4.Regulatory framework5.Listing regulations6.Primary market organization, intermediaries7.Primary market organization, activities or procedures8.Secondary or stock market organization9.Money marketspart iii: financial intermediaries10.Prudential and exposure norms relating to credit or advance and investment portfolios of banks11.Management of non-performing assets12.Prudential norms relating to capital adequacy, basel ii framework13.Risk management in banks14.Non-banking financial companies15.Mutual funds: regulations and operations16.Insurance organizationpart iv: capital market or instruments17.Capital market instrumentspart v: private foreign investment18.Foreign direct investments19.Other forms of foreign investment in india or abroad
MRP: Rs 630.00
Offer: Rs 472.50

Indian Financial System

By Dr S Gurusamy
This book comprises of 22 chapters divided into four parts.Part Iintroduces the readers to the organization and phased developmentof the Indian financial system.Part II gives insights into thedifferent financial markets in India, various financialinstruments, issuance methods, and listing regulations.
MRP: Rs 685.00
Offer: Rs 513.75

Financial Markets and Services

By E Gordon, K Natarajan
MRP: Rs 280.00
Offer: Rs 210.00

Services Marketing: Concepts, Practices & ...

By Dr. S. Shajahan
India is projected to become third largest economy in the world by 2050. The service sector remained the key driving force of Indian economy and average growth of this sector at 8.6 per cent was higher than the average growth of 7.5 per cent during the last five years. Eventually service sector contributed above 50 per cent of GDP since 1997-98 and touched 57.6 per cent in 2004-05. Further India ranked 18th largest exporter of global service and touched export revenue of US$ 51,326 million line 2004-05. This book substantially contributes to the main stream of knowledge in the service marketing and attends all the facets of the emerging concepts with clarity and perspicacity. The book will prove invaluable to the students of management, MBA, MBM MIB and marketing professionals. Further, in line with global trend, this book discusses the latest services marketing approach to doing business globally - one that has the potential to radically transform the company that adopts the customer centric services marketing principles and practices it advocates globally. The service generating organizations like BPO, Retailing, Banking, Insurance, Cellular Services Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Education, Medical and Health care, Financial service, Information Technology, Consultancy and Professional service, Entertainment and Event management would find this book useful for being positioned their services globally.
MRP: Rs 295.00
Offer: Rs 221.25

Fundamentals Of Marketing

By William J Stanton
The tenth edition remains a solid, consistent, reader-friendly book which stresses the importance and necessity of a customer-oriented approach. Every chapter is replete with international and ethical references, as well as managerial perspectives - and environmental marketing issues are covered periodically. The tenth edition is two chapters shorter than the last edition, so as to allow more time to cover it in its entirety. Eight of the 22 chapters have been extensively rewritten and all chapters have been updated. Each chapter is now framed by a short case involving a brand-name company: the case introduces the chapter, then closes the chapter with a follow-up. New "You Make the Decision" boxes invite students to grapple with managerial challenges real marketers are facing and new "A Commitment to ..." boxes emphasize the necessity for commitment to the environment, to customer satisfaction, or to quality. Two "Hands-on Marketing" exercises requiring library and/or field research have been added to the end of each chapter.
MRP: Rs 2490.00
Offer: Rs 1867.50
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