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Computer Organization

By Carl Hamacher V, Safwat G Zaky, Zvonko G Vranesic
The goal of the book is to illustrate the principles of computer organization by using anumber of extensive examples drawn from commercially available computers. Themachines discussed in the book are the Motorola 680X0 and 683XX families, Intel80X86 and Pentium families, ARM family, Sun Microsystems Sparc family, andDEC(Compaq) Alpha family. The 68000, Pentium, and ARM are used as detailed examplesearly in the book.
MRP: Rs 750.00
Offer: Rs 562.50

Concepts of Programming Languages

By Robert W. Sebesta
Now in the Eighth Edition, Concepts of Programming Languages introduces students to the main constructs of contemporary programming languages and provides the tools necessary to critically evaluate existing and future programming languages. By presenting design issues for various language constructs, examining the design choices for these constructs in some of the most common languages, and critically comparing the design alternatives, this book gives readers a solid foundation for understanding the fundamental concepts of programming languages. In addition, Sebesta strives to prepare the reader for the study of compiler design by providing an in-depth discussion of programming language structures, presenting a formal method of describing syntax, and introducing approaches to lexical and syntactic analysis. Salient Features Coverage of advanced object-oriented topics and languages like C#, Java™, JavaScript™, Perl™, PHP, XHTML, XSLT, and JSP™ is integrated throughout. Historical boxes and interviews with James Gosling, Larry Wall, Alan Cooper, Bjarne Stroustrup, and others set the material into context. Valuable historical foundations are presented in Chapter 2, outlining the origins, purposes, and contributions of the most important languages discussed in the rest of the text. In-depth discussions of the design issues for the primary constructs of the imperative languages are presented in Chapters 5-14. Design choices for several example languages are presented and evaluated, including variables (Chapter 5), data types (Chapter 6), expressions and assignment statements (Chapter 7), control statements (Chapter 8), subprograms (Chapters 9 and 10), data abstraction facilities (Chapter 11), object-oriented programming (Chapter 12), concurrent program units (Chapter 13), and exception and event handling (Chapter 14). Two alternative programming paradigms concludes coverage, functional programming in Chapter 15 and logical programming in Chapter 16. Each new student copy includes an access card for the Companion Website, which includes lab projects, self-assessment quizzes, and a language reference library.
MRP: Rs 815.00
Offer: Rs 611.25

Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer

By Incropera, De Witt, Bergmann, Lavinc
Incropera, DeWitt, Bergmann, and Lavine’s Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer – Sixth Edition, published by Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., is a comprehensive book in the areas of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Chemical Engineering. It gives the most relevant and readable information about the physical origins of mass and heat transfer, and is recommended for students who are looking for factual information on the subject. While there is focus on the original basics as found in the previous editions, the highlight of this revised edition is the inclusion of new application areas of heat transfer. The chapters in the book offer deeper insights on the principles of conduction, convection, boiling and condensation, heat exchangers, radiation, and diffusion mass transfer. Other additions to this edition are: a revision of the First Law of Thermodynamics to make it suitable for the undergraduate thermodynamics course, the inclusion of subjects of current interest, such as alternative energy devices, fuel cells, micro-scale heat transfer, and bio heat transfer. The book also features an introduction to anon-scale transport, new and open-ended illustrations for better understanding. An exclusive section on Interactive Heat Transfer Software is also provided.
MRP: Rs 699.00
Offer: Rs 524.25

Data Communications and Networking

By Behrouz A Forouzan
Data Communication And Networking 4/ed 4th Edition is authored by Behrouz A Forouzan. The book is essential for students specializing in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering.
MRP: Rs 650.00
Offer: Rs 487.50

Engineering Physics

By H J Sawant
Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics Electrical Properties of Materials Lasers and Optical Fibers Crystal Structure Shock Waves and Science of Nano Materials
MRP: Rs 245.00
Offer: Rs 183.75

Basic electrical Engineering

By U.A.Bakshi, V.U.Bakshi
D.C. Circuits Electromagnetism D.C. Machines Measuring Instruments Single-phase A.C. Circuits Domestic Wiring Thee Phase Circuits Three Phase Synchronous Generators Single Phase Transformers Three Phase Induction Motors
MRP: Rs 299.00
Offer: Rs 224.25

Basic Electronic

By A.P.Godse, U.A.Bakshi
Semiconductor Diodes and Applications BJT Biasing Digital Electronics Flip-Flops Communication Systems
MRP: Rs 195.00
Offer: Rs 146.25

Programming in C &Data Structures

By A.P.Godse, A.Apuntambekar
Introduction to C Language Branching and Looping Functions, Arrays and Strings Arrays and Strings String Functions Structures and File Management Pointers and Preprocessors Introduction to Data Structures
MRP: Rs 450.00
Offer: Rs 337.50
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