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RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Stu...

By Michael Jang
MRP: Rs 865.00
Offer: Rs 648.75

Text Book Of Electronics

By B V N Rao
MRP: Rs 120.00
Offer: Rs 90.00

Operations Management Concepts, Techniques...

By James R. Evans, David Alan Collier
This exciting new textbook provides exceptional coverage of the essential topics taught in a modern operations management course. Its highly current coverage includes contemporary and relevant service theory and applications. Appropriate manufacturing applications and theory are included where relevant. The books modern/strategic approach addresses OM from a cross-functional perspective, which views operations as linked to all other functional areas of an organization, such as marketing and finance.
MRP: Rs 550.00
Offer: Rs 412.50

Understanding Operating Systems

By Ann Mciver Mchoes, Ida M. Flynn
Now in its Sixth Edition, Understanding Operating Systems, continues to provide a clear and straight forward explanation of operating theory and practice. As in previous editions, the book's highly regarded structure begins with a discussion of fundamentals before moving on to specific operating systems. This edition has been updated and modernized now included are enhanced discussions of the latest innovation evolutions (multi-core processing, wireless technologies, PDA and telephone operating systems and Blu-ray optical storage) and how they affect operating systems. Revised Research Topics in the exercise section encourage independent research among students. Content in the final four chapters has been updated to include information about a few of the latest versions of UNIX (including specific mention of the latest Macintosh OS), Linux and Windows.
MRP: Rs 425.00
Offer: Rs 318.75

CCNP Routing and Switching: Quick Reference

By Denise Donohue, Brent Stewart
Denise Donohue and Brent Stewart’s CCNP Routing and Switching Quick Reference is a comprehensive guide on the CCNP exam topics under routing and switching. It comprises of graphical-based explanations on the key topics which conform to the latest CCNP exam format. Important topics are highlighted and are given with factual references, which help the readers to memorize the information better. The book is essential for those who aspire to excel in the four CCNP exams, as it complements the curriculum of Cisco.
MRP: Rs 475.00
Offer: Rs 356.25

IP Networking

By Wendell Odom
This text provides a detailed and practical overview of TCP/IP networking. In this book, expert instructor and best-selling author Wendell Odom explores network design and implementation by applying TCP/IP protocols to provide connectivity and associated services. Planning and deployment of network addressing structures, as well as router and switch configurations, are also examined. IP Networking centers on the IP packet forwarding process and how to make Cisco routers perform IP routing. The book begins with two units that review and expand your knowledge of prerequisite topics, including all layers of the TCP/IP model, with emphasis on LANs, WANs, IP, and TCP. Units 3 through 8 take you to a much deeper and practical knowledge of IP addressing and routing: two topics that truly need to be understood together. These same lessons examine how to implement various IP features in Cisco routers, building skills that matter in the real world. Finally, the last two units focus on LAN and WAN technologies and their roles in how routers and hosts use LANs and WANs to forward IP packets. IP Networking takes you from a broad and basic knowledge of IP addressing and routing to a solid skill level with how hosts, switches, and routers collectively deliver IP packets in modern corporate networks, helping prepare you for a variety of entry-level network administration and support positions, such as network administrator, network technician, network specialist, information technology specialist, and local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) administrator. After reading this book, you will have gained the skills required to set up and maintain network transport services with appropriate address schema and desired protocols. You will master the basic skills needed to handle the hardware and IOS features of Cisco routers and switches and perform network administration tasks using such components.
MRP: Rs 950.00
Offer: Rs 712.50

Sams Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours

By Rogers Cadenhead
Covers Java 7 and Android In just 24 lessons of one hour or less, you can learn how to create Java applications with the free NetBeans visual editing tools. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, popular author Rogers Cadenhead helps you master the skills and technology you need to create desktop and web programs, web services, and even an Android app in Java. Each lesson builds on what you&rsquove already learned, giving you a rock-solid foundation for real-world success. Quizzes and Exercises at the end of each chapter help you test your knowledge. Notes, Tips, and Cautions provide related information, advice, and warnings.
MRP: Rs 450.00
Offer: Rs 337.50

Network Security First-Step

By Donald Stoddard, Tom Thomas
Today, every business relies on the Internet - and, therefore, every business requires strong network security. Network Security First-Step, Second Edition explains the basics of modern network security in easy language anyone can understand, even those with no previous technical experience. Throughout, consistent features simplify both learning and reference: -Essentials First approach begins each technical discussion with a real-world/first-step overview, organizing complex subjects into small, easy-to-understand elements -Chapter Mini Case Studies, many with simple diagrams that show how network security is typically implemented -Highlighted Keywords with definitions in boxes.
MRP: Rs 599.00
Offer: Rs 449.25

How Computers Work

By Ron White
Having sold more than 2 million copies over its lifetime, How Computers Work is the definitive illustrated guide to the world of PCs and technology. In this new edition, you'll find detailed information not just about every last component of hardware found inside your PC, but also in-depth explanations about home networking, the Internet, PC security, and even how cell phone networks operate. Whether you're interested in how the latest graphics cards power today's most demanding games or how a digital camera turns light into data, you'll find your answers right here. Key Features The best illustrated look at the world of personal computing is back -- newly revised and updated Written by Ron White and illustrated by Tim Downs - an unrivaled pairing of industry heavyweights 8x10, glossy pages show in full color - up-close and personal - how everything in, on, and around a PC works Continues to be the only book of its kind
MRP: Rs 750.00
Offer: Rs 562.50

Experiences of Test Automation

By Dorothy Graham, Mark Fewster
Software test automation has moved beyond a luxury to become a necessity. Applications and systems have grown ever larger and more complex, and manual testing simply cannot keep up. As technology changes, and more organizations move into agile development, testing must adapt and quickly. Test automation is essential, but poor automation is wasteful how do you know where your efforts will take you? Authors Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster wrote the field’s seminal text, Software Test Automation, which has guided many organizations toward success. Now, in Experiences of Test Automation, they reveal test automation at work in a wide spectrum of organizations and projects, from complex government systems to medical devices, SAP business process development to Android mobile apps and cloud migrations. This book addresses both management and technical issues, describing failures and successes, brilliant ideas and disastrous decisions and, above all, offers specific lessons you can use.
MRP: Rs 699.00
Offer: Rs 524.25

Advanced Test in C and Embedded System Pro...

By Ashok K. Pathak
Advanced test In C And Embedded System Programming is written for those who aspire to make a career in this field. It is segregated into two parts; part I contains an Advanced Test in C and part II is an Advanced Test in Embedded System Programming. This book is beneficial for beginners and also increases the knowledge base of experienced programmers. With a detailed study into the subject, it successfully achieves its aim of making a good programmer. A thorough understanding prepares the reader for appearing in various examinations and interviews. It is a sought after book for preparation of various screening tests.
MRP: Rs 165.00
Offer: Rs 123.75

MCSA/MCSE Windows Server 2003 Network Infr...

By Chellis James
Contents Understanding Windows Server 2003 Networking Installing and Configuring TCP/IP Administering Security Policy Managing IP Security Managing the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Installing and Managing Domain Name Service (DNS) Managing Remote Access Services Managing User Access to Remote Access Services Managing IP Routing Glossary Index
MRP: Rs 499.00
Offer: Rs 374.25
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