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Atmosphere, weather and climate

By Siddhartha K
MRP: Rs 150.00
Offer: Rs 112.50

Fundamentals of Physical Geography

By Majid Husain
Physical Geography presents the subject of physical geography in a detailed manner. Beginning with an introduction to the nature of physical geography, the book covers numerous topics including the age and origin of the earth, the lithosphere, the structure of the earth’s interior, the theory of isostasy, weathering and mass movements, drainage systems and patterns, and the cycle of erosion. Various types of earth terrains and elements are explored such as plains, plateaus, mountains, rocks, volcanoes, mountains, lakes, continents, and ocean basins. Subsequent chapters discuss topics like salinity, groundwater and Karst topography, sea waves, coastal landforms, ocean currents and tides, ocean deposits, coral reefs, and the hydrosphere. The last few chapters of the book explore topics such as air pressure, atmospheric circulation, cyclones, biosphere, ecology, ecosystem, biomes, and flora and fauna.
MRP: Rs 395.00
Offer: Rs 296.25

Introductory Oceanography

By Harold V Thurman, Alan P Trujillo
The 10th edition of this popular text continues to provide carefully developed content examining the vast body of oceanic knowledge. Its interdisciplinary approach―spanning geology, chemistry, physics, and biology―allows students to have a fundamental understanding of how oceans work.
MRP: Rs 5485.00
Offer: Rs 4113.75

Elements of Cartography

By Arthur H. Robinson, Joel L. Morrison, Phillip C. Muehrcke, A. Jon Kimerling, Stephen C. Guptill
Recognized as the classic resource in cartography, this text continues to integrate the latest modern technology with traditional cartographic principles. The balanced author team provides a solid conceptual foundation in the basic principles of cartography while introducing the newest technological advances which have greatly altered modern cartographic techniques. New features include a complete updating of topical data and a shift in emphasis from ``small–scale to all–scale maps.′′ Systematic coverage is given to both theory and applications with all basic mapmaking tools presented including formulas, tables and constants.
MRP: Rs 6512.41
Offer: Rs 4884.31

Evolution of Geographical Thought

By Majid Husain
Since the publication of the last edition the author has increasingly realized to incorporate a few important topics about the nature of geography, its place in the classification of sciences, and time geography. To keep the students abreast with the recent trends in geography, and its methodological problems, the book has been updated and revised, making it a comprehensive textbook on geographical thought. Apart from strengthening the contributions of Greek, Roman, Indian and Arab geographers, the new additions in the book include: geography as a systematic science, geography as a regional science, geography as a study of areal distribution, geography as the study of relationship, the changing viewpoint in geography during the later part of the 19th century and the concept of time and space in geography. A glossary of important philosophical concepts, used in the geographical thought, has also been added. It is hoped that the present edition will prove of immese help for the students and teachers of geography alike. It will also serve the need of the aspirants of various competitive examinations, especially the Indian Administrative Service, the NET and other state level civil services examinations.
MRP: Rs 275.00
Offer: Rs 206.25

Applied Geography

By John W Frazier
MRP: Rs 184.60
Offer: Rs 138.45

Geographical Thought: A Contextual History...

By R. D. Dikshit, Animesh Das
Geographical Thought: A Contextual History Of Ideas 1st Edition, authored by R. D. Dikshit, lays out the history of geographical thought from the early times to the present in a single volume. It talks about the beginning of the modern period with specific emphasis given in presenting developments from the past half century.
MRP: Rs 250.00
Offer: Rs 187.50

Remote Sensing And Image Interpretation

By Lillesand, Kiefer, Chipman
Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Civil Engineering, Geography and Environmental Science. The book comprises chapters on concepts and foundations of remote sensing, elements of photographic systems, introduction to visual image interpretation, and microwave and lidar sensing. In addition, the book consists of several real-life examples and illustrations to understand the applications of remote sensing better. This book is essential for civil engineers, environmentalists and researchers.
MRP: Rs 899.00
Offer: Rs 674.25
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