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Mechanics of Materials

By Russell C. Hibbeler
R.C. Hibbeler is an American academic author and educationist. He completed his BS in Civil Engineering and MS in Nuclear Engineering. He received his PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Northwestern University. He has taught at various universities like the University of Illinois-Urbana and Illinois Institute of Technology. He has authored several books like Structural Analysis, Engineering Mechanics - Statics and Dynamics and more.
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Mechanism and Machine Theory

By Ashok G. Ambekar
This book meets the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing courses in mechanical, production, electrical, metallurgical and aeroutical engineering. This self-contained text strikes a fine balance between conceptual clarity and practice problems, and focuses both on conventiol graphical methods and emerging alytical approach in the treatment of subject matter. In keeping with technological advancement, the text gives detailed discussion on relatively recent areas of research such as function generation, path generation and mechanism synthesis using coupler curve, and number synthesis of kinematic chains. The text is fortified with fairly large number of solved examples and practice problems to further enhance the understanding of the otherwise complex concepts. Besides engineering students, those preparing for competitive examitions such as gate and indian engineering services (ies) will also find this book ideal for reference. This title includes key features such as: exhaustive treatment given to topics including gear drive and cam follower combition, alytical method of motion and conversion phenomenon; simplified explation of complex subject matter; and, examples and exercises for clearer understanding of the concepts.
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Metrology & Measurement

By Anand K. Bewoor,Vinay A. Kulkarni
Metrology and Measurement is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Engineering. The book comprises chapters on measurement standards, linear metrology, angular metrology, interferometry, comparator, force and torque measurement, strain measurement, and flow measurement. In addition, the book consists of several review questions, solved examples and case studies to help understand the concepts better. This book is essential for practicing engineers
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Motion And Time Study Design And Measureme...

By Ralph M Barnes
Partial table of contents: · Definition and Scope of Motion and Time Study. · Operation Analysis. · Fundamental Hand Motions. · Film Analysis. · Principles of Modern Economy as Related to the Work Place. · Motion Study, Mechanization, and Automation. · Determining Time Standards from Standard Data and Formulas. · Wage Incentive Applications. · Evaluating and Controlling Factors Other Than Labor. · Improving the Quality of Work Life at General Motors
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Organizational Behaviour

By Fred Luthans
Luthans: Organizatiol Behavior was the first mainstream organizatiol behavior text on the market and continues its tradition of being the most current and up to date researched text today. The author, Fred Luthans, is well known in this field, and is the 5th highest Publisher in the Academy of Magement Jourl. He continues to do research in the area of organizatiol behavior. This text is aimed at professors who take a research based and conceptual approach to their OB course. Salient Features Updated opening vignettes that draws part-relevant practices from the world renowned Gallup organizations work with Fortune 500 clients such as IBM and Disney. End of chapter cases have been updated as needed to keep the book current and timely. Luthans uses Meta-Alysis to highlight important research. Meta-alysis is a method of selecting, gathering and processing research and compiling it through various related but separate studies. This method places special emphasis on research in his text, and makes it more valuable to students because of its broad base. Experiential exercises at the end of each chapter get students involved in solving organizatiol behavior issues. "Real Cases" at the end of each chapter drawn from recent events enhance the relevancy and application of the theories and research results Comprehensive coverage of current topics makes this one of the most up to date textbooks available. The boxed feature, "View of Real-World Leaders", excerpts relevant information from mostly published high profile interviews that will complement and reinforce the more theoretical, research based text discussion. An example: the leader of Cisco discussing communicating with employees. "Gallup Findings" - This boxed feature briefly summarizes relevant findings from Gallup's extensive studies of the workplace and cover how organizatiol behavior lends itself to be implemented. Gallup is a consulting firm that handles, among others, 25 of the top 50 Fortune Companies, including IBM and Disney. This well respected company looks at areas such as retention and workplace development. Fred Luthans also works for the Gallup Company and the University is working closely with them. The end of each chapter has an exercise/case requiring the student to use the Internet that will allow students to apply what they've learned to cases and exercises using technology. McGraw-Hill's Knowledge Gateway - The Complete Resource for Teaching Online Courses. McGraw-Hill/Irwin, in partnership with Eduprise, is proud to bring this unique service to instructors. This comprehensive Website contains a wealth of information for any professor interested in teaching online. Level one is available to any instructor browsing our Website. Level two is reserved for McGraw-Hill customers and contains access to free technical and instructiol design assistance. For more details, visit PageOut is McGraw-Hill's unique point-and click course Website tool, ebling you to create a full-featured, professiol quality course Website without knowing HTML coding. With PageOut you can post your syllabus online, assign McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center or eBook content, add links to important off-site resources, and maintain student results in the online grade book. You can send class announcements, copy your course site to share with colleagues, and upload origil files. PageOut is free for every McGraw-Hill/Irwin user and, if you're short on time, we even have a team ready to help you create your site! You can customize this text. McGraw-Hill/Primis Online's digital database offers you the flexibility to customize your course including material from the largest online collection of textbooks, readings, and cases. Primis leads the way in customized eBooks with hundreds of titles available at prices that save your students over 20% off bookstore prices. Additiol information is available at 800-228-0634. OLC Student Center ( provides several tools to support the learning process. Self-quizzes allow students to test their knowledge by answering five true-false and five multiple-choice questions per chapter. The PowerPoint presentation is made available for students study needs. A link to OBOnline is also provided. Here students can find interactive exercises and Business Around the World, a resource for researching and exploring Organizatiol Behavior on the Internet
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Organizational Behaviour

By Stephen P Robbins
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Organizational Behaviour

By Schermerhorn
Now in its ninth edition, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the major themes, theories, concepts and terminology of organizatiol behavior. It follows a streamlined, skill-building approach that arms readers with practical knowledge and hands-on experience. The book also examines current issues in the field including intellectual capital, justice and organizatiol citizenship, corporate governce, organizatiol transformation and ethical leadership. Key Features Highlights organizatiol behavior issues relative to other functiol areas of the organization Emphasizes entrepreneurship, technology, diversity, and ethics and social responsibility Incorporates real-world examples that show how people can make a difference in the way organizations operate. Offers practical tips and applications for any mager Integrates boxed features in each chapter that cover the people and technology, ethics and social responsibility, leaders on leadership and cultures, and the global workplace
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Plant layout and material handling

By James M Apple
This widely used text provides thorough coverage of modern layout and material handling principles and practices, stressing the important relationships of the management planning, product design, and process design functions with the problems of facilities design. Reflecting the author's wide experience in teaching and in industry, the book continues its highly effective step-by-step approach to developing and improving facility design. The extensively revised Third Edition devotes separate chapters to process design, use of quantitative techniques in analyzing material flow, computerized layout procedures, and facility location. Throughout, discussions are illustrated with forms and charts taken from successful practice, as well as many photographs, tables, and checklists. While the principal focus is the industrial plant, full recognition is given to the applicability of procedures and techniques to non-manufacturing establishments.
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