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A First Course in the Finite Element Method

By Daryl L. Logan
A First Course In The Finite Element Method provides a simple, basic approach to the course material that can be understood by both undergraduate and graduate students without the usual prerequisites (i.e. structural analysis). The book is written primarily as a basic learning tool for the undergraduate student in civil and mechanical engineering whose main interest is in stress analysis and heat transfer. The text is geared toward those who want to apply the finite element method as a tool to solve practical physical problems.
MRP: Rs 599.00
Offer: Rs 449.25

Elements of Mechanical Engineering

By Trymbaka Murthy
Suitable for the students of mechanical engineering, this title features: step-by-step approach to help students understand and draw sketches through exhaustive descriptions using sketches and photographs; solutions to problems using common equations; inclusion of a large number of problems solved by different methods using sketches and more.
MRP: Rs 225.00
Offer: Rs 168.75

A text book of Engineering Mathematics

By N.P.Bali, Manish Goyal
The underlying object of this book is to provide the readers with the thorough understanding of topics included in the syllabus of mathematics for engineering students.
MRP: Rs 1095.00
Offer: Rs 821.25

A Management Guide to PERT and CPM

By Wiest Jerome D, Levy Ferdinand K.
This book provides a concise but comprehensive introduction to PERT, CPM and the newer network techniques of GERT and CPM, and serves as a study guide and reference for these techniques as applicable to operations research, magement science, quantitative methods or project magement. While the book features a section on illustrative problems for major application to ensure quick assimilation of essentials, it also provides technical details and widely varied applications of network scheduling systems.
MRP: Rs 195.00
Offer: Rs 146.25

A Guide to Expert Systems

By Donald A. Waterman
A Guide to Expert Systems is the first book written specifically for the reader who does not have a background in artificial intelligence or expert systems. Students, business executives, data processing managers and system programmers will all find this book an useful introduction. In a very logical and understandable way, with the extensive use of case studies, Dr. Waterman shows how expert systems manipulate the knowledge of human experts to solve problems efficiently and effectively.
MRP: Rs 775.00
Offer: Rs 581.25

An Introduction to Composite Materials

By D. Hull,T. W. Clyne
This edition has been greatly enlarged and updated to provide both scientists and engineers with a clear and comprehensive understanding of composite materials. In describing both theoretical and practical aspects of their production, properties and usage, the book crosses the borders of many disciplines. Topics covered include: fibres, matrices, laminates and interfaces; elastic deformation, stress and strain, strength, fatigue crack propagation and creep resistance; toughness and thermal properties; fatigue and deterioration under environmental conditions; fabrication and applications. Coverage has been increased to include polymeric, metallic and ceramic matrices and reinforcement in the form of long fibres, short fibres and particles. Designed primarily as a teaching text for final-year undergraduates in materials science and engineering, this book will also interest undergraduates and postgraduates in chemistry, physics, and mechanical engineering. In addition, it will be an excellent source book for academic and technological researchers on materials.
MRP: Rs 395.00
Offer: Rs 296.25

Advanced Microprocessor and Interfacing

By Badri Ram
Advanced Microprocessor And Interfacing is an essential text for the next course on the subject of Microprocessors.Summary Of The Book Advanced Microprocessor And Interfacing is a useful text for the second course in Microprocessors. With coverage of higher processors as well as the 8086, it is a must-have reference book for undergraduates, as well as diploma students who are pursuing electronics and communication engineering, computer engineering, and electronics and electrical engineering.Advanced Microprocessor And Interfacing has several salient features. Firstly, it provides a detailed description of the 16 bit, 32 bit, and 64 bit microprocessors. Secondly, the author has provided clear and concise explanations about assembly language programming for the 8086 processor, with examples. Students will also find a comprehensive coverage of 16 bit microcontrollers like Intel 8096 and 32 bit microcontrollers like IBM Power PC 403GA. To assist students with developing industrial applications, Ram has included topics such as interfacing ADC 8009, Hold Circuit of Intel 8086, and programs related to assembly language. Standards and architectures such as MCA, EISA, USB, IEEE, and AGP are also mentioned. Math coprocessors, graphics coprocessors, video coprocessors, and the Intel 740-3D graphics chip are also given coverage. Information on various types of controllers such as the magnetic disk, keyboard, memory, USART, and interrupt, has also been included. The text is organized into 14 chapters. Chapters 1 through to 11, cover course materials. The remaining three chapters contain an appendix, bibliography, and an index. To support students’ understanding of the course material, the text includes over 160 review questions, 62 examples of programming, and 96 illustrations
MRP: Rs 425.00
Offer: Rs 318.75

Advanced Microprocessors and Peripherals

By A.K. Ray, K.M.Bhurchandi
Advanced Microprocessor and Peripherals is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Computer Science Engineering. The book comprises chapters on architectures and pin diagrams of processors, instruction set and assembler directives, the art of assembly language programming, basic peripherals and their interfacing, RISC architecture, design of a microprocessor and 8051 peripherals interfacing. In addition, the book consists of in-depth discussions of concepts using excellent interfacing and programming examples in assembly language. This book is a must-have for IT professionals.
MRP: Rs 650.00
Offer: Rs 487.50
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