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Power Electronics

By Dr. P. S. Bimbhra
MRP: Rs 495.00
Offer: Rs 371.25

The 8051 Microcontroller

By Kenneth Ayala
The 8051 Microcontroller with CD is designed to train the reader with ways to program the 8051 Microcontroller from Intel. The book provides the reader with all the latest principles of computer architecture. It also includes the latest integrated development software which is found towards the end of the book. The language is simple, the examples are interesting and the book is engaging.
MRP: Rs 450.00
Offer: Rs 337.50

Engineering Mathematics -1

By W R Neelakanta
MRP: Rs 250.00
Offer: Rs 187.50

Signals And Systems

By Simon Haykin, Barry Van Veen
The text provides a balanced and integrated treatment of continuous-time and discrete-time forms of signals and systems intended to reflect their roles in engineering practice. This approach has the pedagogical advantage of helping the reader see the fundamental similarities and differences between discrete-time and continuous-time representations. It includes a discussion of filtering, modulation and feedback by building on the fundamentals of signals and systems covered in earlier chapters of the book.
MRP: Rs 719.00
Offer: Rs 539.25

Engineering Mathematics

By H. K. Dass
This book is primarily written according to the prescribed syllabus of A.M.I.E. (Diploma and Non-Diploma Streams) and also useful for B.E./B.Tech. students. 1. In the beginning a large list of useful formulae is given for the reference purpose. The students can consult the list whenever it is required. 2. Subject matter is presented in a very systematic and logical way. 3. Large number of solved examples is included. The solution can easily be understood by simple reading like a novel. 4. The students can follow the subject even without the guidance of a teacher. 5. Latest A.M.I.E Examinations Question Papers are also appended. 6. The author has been teaching A.M.I.E. classes at the institute of Engineers, New Delhi for the last 20 years.
MRP: Rs 550.00
Offer: Rs 412.50

Applied Solid State Physics

By Rajnikant
The book covers all major aspects of Solid State Physics (Crystal Physics). The approach of the book is unique because it offers thought-provoking ideas about the Physics of Solids, rather than being merely a compilation of research data and statistical figures. The learning design is such that the subject of Crystal Physics is explored in terms of its applicability and not as an abstract collection of concepts. The understanding of the basics is supplemented and supported by a strong mathematical basis and reasoning. The book is an ideal choice for Ist and IInd year engineering students across India and undergraduate as well as postgraduate students of Physics. Spread over 17 chapters, all important topics have been introduced at an elementary level, which will enable even new students of the subject to gain an insight into the fascinating world of crystals and crystallography. Besides students pursuing M.Phil and Ph.D in crystallography, professionals such as mineralogists, material scientists and solid state chemists will also find the book to be of great practical use.
MRP: Rs 639.00
Offer: Rs 479.25

Vector Mechanics For Engineers: Stastics

By Ferdinand P. Beer , Elliot R. Eisenberg , E. Russell Johnston , David F. Mazurek , Sanjeev Sanghi , Phillip J. Cornwell
MRP: Rs 575.00
Offer: Rs 431.25

Vector Mechanics For Engineers: Statics, D...

By E. Russell Johnston , David Mazurek , Ferdinand Beer , Phillip Cornwell , Sanghi
Vector Mechanics for Engineers is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Engineering. The book comprises chapters on statics of particles, rigid bodies, equilibrium of rigid bodies, analysis of structures, forces in beams and cables, kinematics of particles, and plane motion of rigid bodies. In addition, the book consists of several practice problems and illustrations to understand the concepts of vector mechanics better. This book is essential for engineers preparing for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. About McGraw Hill Education McGraw Hill Education is an Indian academic publishing company involved in releasing expertly authored books for students studying in India. McGraw Hill books present material which goes beyond traditional books and offer students an edge so that they can excel in their educational endeavors. The company has also released books like NTSE Practice Papers Class-X and Study Package for NTSE Class VIII.
MRP: Rs 750.00
Offer: Rs 562.50
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