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Statistics In Language Studies

By Anthony Woods,Paul Fletcher,Arthur Hughes
This Book Demonstrates The Contribution That Statistics Can And Should Make To Linguistic Studies. The Range Of Work To Which Statistical Analysis Is Applicable Is Vast: Including, For Example, Language Acquisition, Language Variation And Many Aspects Of Applied Linguistics. The Authors Give A Wide Variety Of Linguistic Examples To Demonstrate The Use Of Statistics In Summarising Data In The Most Appropriate Way, And Then Making Helpful Inferences From The Processed Information. The Range Of Techniques Introduced By The Book Will Help The Reader Both To Evaluate And Make Use Of Literature Which Employs Statistical Analysis, And To Apply Statistics In Their Own Research. Each Chapter Gives Step-By-Step Explanations Of Particular Techniques Using Examples From A Number Of Fields, And Is Followed By Extensive Exercises. The Early Part Of The Book Provides A Thorough Grounding In Probability And Statistical Inference, And Then Progresses Through Methods Such As Chi-Squared And Analysis Of Variance, To Multivariate Methods Such As Cluster Analysis, Principal Components Analysis And Factor Analysis. None Of These Techniques Requires The Reader To Have A Grasp Of Mathematics More Complex Than Simple Algebra. Students And Researchers In Many Fields Of Linguistics Will Find This Book An Invaluable Introduction To The Use Of Statistics, And A Practical Text For The Development Of Skills In The Application Of Statistics.
MRP: Rs 4226.70
Offer: Rs 3170.02

Fundamentals Of Speech Synthesis And Speec...

By Eric Keller
MRP: Rs 25490.00
Offer: Rs 19117.50

Analyzing Syntax

By Kroeger, R.P
Analyzing Syntax: A Lexical-Functional Approach Is A Comprehensive And Accessible 2004 Textbook On Syntactic Analysis, Designed For Students Of Linguistics At Advanced Undergraduate Or Graduate Level. Working Within The 'Lexical Functional Grammar' (Lfg) Approach, It Provides Students With A Framework For Analyzing And Describing Grammatical Structure, Using Extensive Examples From Both European And Non-European Languages. Topics Covered Include: Tests For Constituency, Passivization And Other Relation-Changing Processes, Reflexive Pronouns, The Control Relation, Topic And Focus, Relative Clauses And Wh-Questions, Causative Constructions, Serial Verbs, 'Quirky Case', And Ergativity. As Well As Building On What Linguists Have Learned About Language In General, Particular Attention Is Paid To The Unique Features Of Individual Languages. While Its Primary Focus Is On Syntactic Structure, The Book Also Deals With Aspects Of Meaning, Function And Word-Structure That Are Directly Relevant To Syntax. Clearly Organised Into Topics, This Textbook Is Ideal For One-Semester Courses In Syntax And Grammatical Analysis.
MRP: Rs 3971.78
Offer: Rs 2978.84


By Saeed, I.J
This Is A General Introduction To Semantics For Readers New To The Subject. The Book Is Designed To Be Accessible To Undergraduate Students Of Language And Linguistics, As Well As The General Reader. The Aim Of The Book Is To Introduce Some Of The Central Areas Of Investigation In The Field, And To Enable The Reader To Proceed Into The More Specialized And Technical Literature. The Book Is Organized Into Three Parts: The First Is Concerned With The Place Of Semantics Within Linguistics And Its Relationship To Other Disciplines, Such As Philosophy And Psychology, Which Share Some Of The Same Interests. Part Two Is The Main Part Of The Book, And Introduces Central Topics In The Description Of Word And Sentence Meaning. Part Three Reviews Three Important Current Theoretical Approaches To Semantics. Each Chapter Contains Exercises To Familiarize The Reader With The Practice Of Semantic Description.
MRP: Rs 2716.25
Offer: Rs 2037.19

Electronic Circuits And Applications

By Bernard Grob
MRP: Rs 4995.00
Offer: Rs 3746.25

Microprocessors and Interfacing: Programmi...

By Douglas V. Hall
This text focuses on the Intel 8086 family that are used in the IBM PC's and teaches students the programming, system connections, and interfacing of microprocessors and their peripheral devices in detail. Students begin with a brief introduction to computer hardware which leads to an in-depth look at how microprocessor-based computers are programmed to do real tasks. They also cover assembly language programming of 8086-based systems. Throughout the text, the emphasis is on writing assembly language programs in a top-down, structured manner. Included are comparisons between CISC and RISC microcomputer architectures and their trade-offs.
MRP: Rs 6580.36
Offer: Rs 4935.27

Fundamentals Of Acoustics

By Lawrence E. Kinsler, Austin R. Frey, Alan B. Coppens, James V. Sanders
MRP: Rs 11679.00
Offer: Rs 8759.25

Plant Pathology

By R S Mehrotra, Ashok Aggarwal
The book covers the entire field of plant pathology in one volume. It provides up-to-date information and discussess both general and specialised topics. Almost all types of diseases are covered, including root diseases, seed-borne diseases, post-harvest diseases of fruits and vegetables, diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, mycoplasms and nematodes. Non-parasitic diseases are also discussed in detail. Life and diseases cycles of important plant pathogens are adequately covered. The text is profusely illustrated with about 200 figures in the form of line diagrams and photographs. The chapter-end questions provide a refresher exercise to the reader. With its coverage, apart from the plant pathology courses, the book also meets the complete requirements of agriculture and botany students. Key features During the last few decades, the application of biotechnology to plant pathology has revolutionized out understanding of genetics for building resistance in plants against diseases, by way of producing transgenic plants. And hence, a new chapter "Application of Biotechnology to Plant Pathology" has been added along with the chapter "Phytopathological Techniques in Plant Pathology". This would familiarize the student of Plant pathology to some of the basis techniques. The present edition gives the latest information available on plant diseases and their management. Several chapters have been thoroughly revised to bring in new information. This edition also contains discussion on a number of diseases that were not included in the earlier edition.
MRP: Rs 835.00
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