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Personality Development

By Elizabeth Hurlock
This Text Uses A Chronological, Life-Span Perspective To Give A Complete Picture Of Development From Conception To Death. The Material For The Text Comes From A Summary Of The Most Recent Findings Of Research Studies In Areas Such As Medicine, Psychology, Sociology, Education And Anthropology. All Aspects Of Development Are Included, And Adequate Space Is Devoted To Each To Enable Students To Feel That They Are Informed Of The Typical And Normal Development Of Each Stage.
MRP: Rs 675.00
Offer: Rs 506.25

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

By Eugene Charniak, Drew McDermott
Introduction To Artificial Intelligence is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Computer Science Engineering. The book comprises of chapters which cover all aspects of AI. In addition, the book is packed with examples for the students to understand the complex concepts of AI better. This book is essential for engineering students preparing for competitive exams like GATE.
MRP: Rs 769.00
Offer: Rs 576.75

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence an...

By Dan W Patterson
This text deals comprehensively with important aspects of artificial intelligence and expert systems. It illustrates the knowledge-system approach and emphasises the relevant use of such knowledge in specific systems. A considerable portion of the text is devoted to the subject of knowledge representation, including methods of dealing with uncertain, incomplete and vague knowledge (e.g. methods related to nonmonotonic logics and commonsense reasoning).
MRP: Rs 275.00
Offer: Rs 206.25

Core Concepts In Fashion

By Laura Dias
Eighteen great ideas to make dad's day - any day of the year. Activities include a pop-up goal card, a car photo frame, a dangly-dads decoration, a garden collage and a sleepy-dad door sign. Each activity is clearly illustrated with step-by-step instructions. With over 200 colourful stickers to decorate the activities. WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts. Choking Hazard.
MRP: Rs 1360.00
Offer: Rs 952.00

Gathered Wisdom

By Gowri Sivaraman
MRP: Rs 40.00
Offer: Rs 30.00

Disney Handy Manny: Oscars House Of Smoothies

By Disney
With a broken counter and just hours to go before customers arrive at his House of Smoothies, Oscar knows exactly who to call: Handy Manny! Manny's team is supremo at fixing things, but can they help Oscar concoct a delicious new smoothie flavor in time for his grand opening? Find out if Manny and his tools have the recipe for success in this action-packed adventure!
MRP: Rs 80.00
Offer: Rs 60.00

Cable-Suspended Roofs

By Prem Krishna, P.N. Godbole
Updating the knowledge in the original edition, this volume deals with static and dynamic analysis, model studies, design, construction materials and examples on simple and pretensioned, air supported as well as fabric, roofs. The book also includes description of computer software which can be used for the static or dynamic analysis of cable assemblies of any configuration, using the ‘tension coefficient’ or the finite element approach.
MRP: Rs 1045.00
Offer: Rs 783.75

Effective Coaching

By Marshall J Cook, Laura Poole
Working with employees not over them is the best way to encourage top performance in business today. Managers Guide to Effective Coaching gives you proven techniques for ensuring that all your people understand their roles and responsibilities, are highly engaged with their work, and perform at their highest capabilities.
MRP: Rs 270.00
Offer: Rs 202.50
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