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Tourism Development: Principles And Practices

By A. K. Bhatia
Tourism, today, is one of the largest industries in the world. The industry has a great potential for growth in the new millennium. As an industry, tourism is a highly complex phenomenon as various disciplines are involved in its study. Therefore, it becomes of paramount importance that both students as also industry professionals, must not only understand, but also fine-tune their knowledge of this complex subject. Tourism Development: Principles and Practices approaches the subject of tourism from the perspectives of a social science. Some basic disciplines, such as economics, sociology, psychology, environment and geography are discussed as these related to tourism. The book, divided into two, looks at different dimensions of the subject. Part I covers dimensions such as historical, economic, organizational and international. Part II examines the service dimensions to assist professionals in understanding and managing the tourism activity. The six chapters in this part deal with planning and development, marketing and communication and key product element like accommodation and travel organization sector. Divided in thirteen chapters, the book systematically covers various dimensions related to the subject of tourism. The book will be of value to both professionals and students pursuing tourism studies at training institutes and colleges affiliated to both Indian and foreign universities.
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The Geography of Tourism and Recreation

By Michael C. Hall, Stephen J. Page
MRP: Rs 3562.63
Offer: Rs 2671.97

The Wonder That Was India

By A.L. Basham
Since graduating from Kingston University in 1992, Louise Comfort has illustrated for various magazines and many educational and activity books. Recently she has worked on picture books for Walker Books and Egmont, as well as on 'The Puffin Baby & Toddler Treasury'. For Macmillan she has also illustrated My Secret Fairy Garden (0 333 78125 2) which publishes in September 2001.
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Essentials Of Business Environment

By K Aswathappa
MRP: Rs 550.00
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Business Law

By P C Tulsian, Bharat Tulsian
The new edition of this text is positioned-through its broad coverage, accessible style and presentation, and practical application-as the core learning resource for students of tourism planning. With an increased applied focus, a wider range of international case studies and examples, and two new chapters highlighting sustainability as a core tourism concern in the world today, the new edition will appeal across the spectrum of tourism students and practitioners from business and management and the social sciences. Tourism and Planning is an essential text for students on travel and tourism degrees and will be of key interest to students and practitioners in related fields including management, marketing, geography, development studies and regional planning
MRP: Rs 565.00
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Essentials of Management: An International...

By Harold Koontz, Heinz Weihrich
A classic since its publication in 1954, The Practice of Management was the first book to look at management as a whole and being a manager as a separate responsibility. The Practice of Management created the discipline of modern management practices. Readable, fundamental, and basic, it remains an essential book for students, aspiring managers, and seasoned professionals.
MRP: Rs 499.00
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Business Communication Today

By Courtland L. Bovee, John V. Thill, Barbara E. Schatzman
This text will help develop communication skills needed by those aspiring to become effective communicators as business managers. Students of postgraduate and undergraduate students of business management/administration will find the book most useful. It is based on sound academic principles, real-world examples, and research. Apart from discussing written and oral communication like letters, memos, presentations and reports, the text also highlights the importance of nonverbal communication, message design, and intercultural communication in the global context. The text's modular design offers flexibility, because of which it can be used in business communication courses of various durations.
MRP: Rs 725.00
Offer: Rs 543.75

Business Communication Strategies

By Matthukutty Monippally
About the Book:Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking The Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking is the essential guide for everyone who needs to communicate in clear and effective English, both written and spoken. The book is organized in four main sections:Communicating in Everyday Life:Covers everything from writing email to giving presentations and preparing reports. Getting the Message Across:Focuses on important factors such as audience, subject and time, place, purpose, and the ways of communicating. Communication Tools:Gives authoritative advice on grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation to ensure that communication is accurate as well as appropriate. The Process of Writing:Includes planning and research, drafting, and using technology. All sections include helpful You Try sections and guidelines at the end of each chapter. The answers to the exercises in theYou Try sections can be found at the back of the book. A glossary and index make the volume easy to use and simple to navigate. All of these features make it perfect for use at work, at college, or at home. Key Features The most accessible guide to everyday English usage for the office, at school and university, and at home Covers a wide range of communications, from email to business letters and job applications to reports A glossary and index make navigating the volume fast and straightforward
MRP: Rs 495.00
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