Object Oriented Programming With C++

by E. Balaguruswamy
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  • Tata Mcgraw Hill
  • E. Balaguruswamy
  • 6
  • Paperback
  • 125902993X
  • 584
  • 2013
  • English
  • 9781259029936
This Book Introduces Object Oriented Programming Concepts Using C++. This Book Assumes Prior Knowledge Of The C Programming Language Though The Reader Need Not Be An Expert In C. C++ Is Basically C With Object Oriented Features. The Book Introduces The Fundamentals Of Object Oriented Programming Paradigm With Sample Programs In C++ That Helps Illustrate The Concepts. Besides Sample Code Snippets, The Author Also Uses The Growing Knowledge Of The Readers As They Progress Through The Chapters To Build Practical Projects Like A Payroll Application. Object Oriented Programming With C++ Explains Many Concepts Vital To Oop Like Overloading, Type Casting, Abstract Classes And Rtti. The Book Also Goes Into Concepts Like Dynamic Memory Allocation, Structures And Unions And Other Vital Programming Features Of C And C++. With Its Simple And Direct Approach, It Helps Readers Clearly Understand Oop Concepts And Object Oriented Programs In C++. This Is The Sixth Edition Of The Book, Published By Tata Mcgraw Hill Education In 2013. This Is A Paperback Edition. Key Features: This Book Incorporates New Features Added In C++ After The Previous Edition. Object Oriented Programming With C++ Has Numerous Pedagogical Aids Including 116 Sample Programs, 67 Debugging Exercises, 225 Review Questions To Test Proficiency In C++ And 95 Programming Exercises. The C++ Test Questions Include Technical Questions Asked In Interviews. The Companion Website To The Book Includes Full Descriptions And User Manuals For Projects Developed In The Book, Answers To Selected Questions From The Book, A Write-Up That Explains The Difference Between C And C++ And Some Practice Tests.
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