Operations Research

by Hamdy A. Taha
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Pneumatic Systems: Principles And Maintance

By S.R. Majumdar
Pneumatic systems are the class of power systems that utilize compressed air as a working medium to transmit power, and their working principle is similar to hydraulic power systems. Pneumatic technology is now considered highly important in workplace rationalization and automation, from coal mines and old timber works to space robots and modern machine shops. Therefore, Majumdar explains that it is important for engineers and technicians to have a solid understanding of the working of pneumatic systems as well as the factors that attribute to compressed air’s behavior. Pneumatic Systems: Principles and Maintenance provides the readers a comprehensive overview of pneumatic systems, from the very basics to advanced concepts that are relevant to practicing engineers. In total, there are 12 chapters in this book. Some chapters include Pneumatic Cylinders and Air Motors, Electrical Controls in Pneumatic Circuits, Basic Pneumatic Circuits, Pneumatic System and Physical Units, and Servicing Compressed Air. Through the course of this book, Majumdar has included several well-illustrated diagrams to explain crucial concepts. Majumdar explains that those who have a clear understanding of force physics and pressure would find it easier to understand these concepts. The concepts are explained so simply that even first line technicians would have no difficulty comprehending the fundamentals of servicing techniques and pneumatic circuit design. Through the course of this book, Majumdar has also dealt with troubleshooting and maintenance of pneumatic systems. He has also provided key insights into pneumatic circuit designs. In each chapter, Majumdar has included maintenance problems that help the readers test their understanding. Pneumatic Systems: Principles and Maintenance is a part of the syllabus for undergraduate engineering students of Mechanical Engineering.
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How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for t...

By Arun Sharma
Logical Reasoning is a section in most competitive exams, and it forms a vital part of the entrance exams to management institutes. The Logical Reasoning section of exams like the Common Admission Test (CAT), is one of the toughest sections that students have to face. This book, How To Prepare For Logical Reasoning For The CAT, covers verbal ability and logical reasoning in separate sections.
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Child Development

By Elizabeth B, Hurlock
In this sixth edition of Child Development, which first appeared in 1942, attempts have been made to make it a better teaching tool for instructor`s and a better, more interesting learning tool for students by following changes and additions. First, because of favorable reactions to the boxes used to highlight important facts in the previous editions, more boxes are used in this edition. Second, at the end of each chapter a section has been added to stress the important hazards in the area of development covered in the chapter. Third, the bibliographies, given at the end of each chapter, have been updated by omitting many of the older studies to provide space for the newer ones in the same area. Fourth, fewer graphs from research studies have been used than in the earlier editions of this book. Fifth, while all revisions update old material, this revision has added material from research areas that are somewhat off the beaten track and have not yet appeared in many of the textbooks in child development. Sixth, because of the important role theories about different areas of development have played in spurring research in those areas, a brief discussion of some of the most influential theories has been added. Seventh, to eliminate the distraction to readers of constant reference in the text to sources from which the material has been taken, relatively few references are given throughout the chapters.
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