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Psychology Essentials 2

By John W Santrock
Since I started teaching introductory Psycohology in 1967 my motivation and love for introducing sstudents to this relevant sciencehave not wavered. This commitment to relevance and to science has been not only a foundation of my teaching but also the heart of this book. this second edition of psycology; Essentials still uses the theme of psycology as arelevant science and in line with current trends in the withcurrent trends in the discipline has increased the emphasis on the biological aspects of psycologhy and on the positive changes psycology canhelp us achieve in our lives. these themes together with a stronger focus on the Key ideas in psycology are the main features of the update of psycology: Essentials. In addition to increased emphsis on neuroscience evolutionary psycology and positive psychology the second edition of this book contains increased coverage of human diversity and controversies in psychology. this material is presented where appropriate throught the book. Salient Features Learning goals are presented as objectives for students for each chapter. They first appear at the beginning of each chapter in tandem with a chapter outline/map of key headings to help focus students' attention on key ideas; they are revisited in the "Review and Reflect" summary that concludes each section of a chapter; and they are summarized in the "Reach Your Learning Goals" end-of-chapter visual. All the supplements reflect the text's learning goals system. The text's emphasis on positive psychology teaches students that psychology can enable individuals and groups to take better control of their own lives and live them in a more fulfilling way. Each chapter opens with a vignette profiling an individual who illustrates the positive things psychology can accomplish. Within each chapter theory is linked with specific applications that demonstrate psychology's contributions in positive settings. The text's balance between research and applications is reflected in "Critical Controversy" sidebars that highlight important contemporary debates and prompt students to think critically about both sides of the issue as well as "Psychology and Life" sidebars that present applications of psychology to the real world. Both content and teaching consultants carefully reviewed each chapter to provide the most accurate student-friendly teachable and up-to-date text.
MRP: Rs 690.00
Offer: Rs 517.50


By Saundra K. Ciccarelli, Glenn E. Meyer, Girishwar Misra
Psychology: South Asian Edition was originally written for American colleges and it was lauded for its engaging narrative structure and comprehensive handling of concepts intimate to the discipline of psychology. The book originally included a number of analogies and elucidations that drew references from popular culture. This made the book much more accessible to students so that they could absorb the material easily. The book also merits the use of near exhaustive research and especially so when it came to the key concepts that are included in the contents. All of this necessarily engages the pedagogy of the book and makes it a must have for all students and enthusiasts of psychology. Psychology: South Asian Edition has been crafted keeping in mind the Indian subcontinent and therefore has been modified. This has taken place under the tutelage of Delhi University professor, Girishwar Mishra and he has enhanced the book’s value by making it more relevant to Indian students. He has made it a point to include the history and development of psychology through the ages as viewed in the Indian subcontinent. All the examples and illustrations as provided in Psychology have been kept intact and only so reformed in terms of context and indianization. All the examples in the erstwhile edition drew its analogies off American culture and so Mishra has endured in changing them to engaging the Indian ethos. The book triumphs in its ability to holistically educate students and therefore it presents information to readers with the objective of learning in mind. All theories are shown through a replete assortment of questions. It even includes the possible developments in the future and includes the scope of psychology in terms of career tracking. Because of the clarity and engaging content that is endorsed through the book, it is a good introductory guide for novices and students alike.
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Offer: Rs 524.25


By Robert A Baron
Psychology: Indian Subcontinent is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Psychology. The book comprises chapters on sensation and perception cognition personality intelligence and social thought and social behavior. In addition the book consists of several examples and case studies to help understand the concepts better. This book is essential for students preparing for their postgraduate entrance examinations. About Pearson Pearson Education has been publishing books on all genres like science technology law business humanities and others and has been educating more than a hundred million people across the world. Their books have not only been helping students in learning but are also aiding teachers and professionals. Pearson Education India publishes academic books and reference books in various fields like business and management computer science and other engineering domains competitive exam guides among other types of books. Some of the books published by Pearson Education India are Decision Support and Business Intelligence systems Electromagnetic Field Theory Computer Architecture and Organization Managing Business Process Flows and A Critical Companion to Compulsory English.
MRP: Rs 650.00
Offer: Rs 487.50

Child Development

By Laura E. Berk
MRP: Rs 895.00
Offer: Rs 671.25

Human Development

By Diane E Papalia, Sally Wendkos Olds, Ruth Duskin Feldman
Human Development Ninth Edition is an accessible and applied 4-color text for the chronological Human Development course. With the help of professional writer Ruth Feldman this author team combines up-to-date research coverage with the broadest array of parenting nursing and education applications available. It includes coverage of social policy cross-cultural topics and issues facing a diverse population as well as extensive examples relating to health issues and applications.
MRP: Rs 811.00
Offer: Rs 608.25

The Counselling Process

By Lewis E Patterson, Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel
This concise introduction to the counseling process elaborates a three-stage model of counseling including disclosure exploration and action planning and describes the counselor skills attitudes and knowledge essential to therapeutic change. The text assumes a multi-theoretical and integrative position introducing ideas from a variety of theoretical perspectives and explaining how each might contribute to the counselor's work. This new edition reflects the authors' view that counselors and clients collaborate as partners to understand the issues the client faces illuminate their causes and then establish effective action plans for therapeutic change.
MRP: Rs 299.00
Offer: Rs 224.25

Educational Psychology

By S.B. Kakkar
A lucidly written text interspersed with schematic diagrams and graphs to elucidate various concepts, the book provides genuine coverage to the quantative aspect aspects of psychological study.
MRP: Rs 195.00
Offer: Rs 146.25

Health Psychology

By Shelley E Taylor
The sixth edition of this trusted text continues to set the standard for the Health Psychology market. One of the foremost researchers in health psychology author Shelley Taylor incorporates the latest research findings in the field; the result is a text that conveys the increasing sophistication and complexity of the connection between the mind and the body in an accessible and exciting manner. The flexible organization and emphasis on many relevant areas of psychology make "Health Psychology" appropriate for courses in Health Psychology Health and Human Behaviour and allied health and pre-med/pharmacy programs.
MRP: Rs 4123.00
Offer: Rs 3092.25
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