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Child Development

By Laura E. Berk
This book continues to be the cutting edge standard for child development texts. It is topically organized and has engaging writing style, exceptional cross cultural and multi cultural focus, rich examples and up to date scholarship. It also offers students research based, practical applications that they can relate to their personal and professional lives. The ninth edition represents the rapid transformations that have taken place in the field with a wealth of new content and teaching tools. Diverse pathways of change are highlighted, the complex, bidirectional relationship between biology and environment is given greater attention, inclusion of interdisciplinary research is expanded, the links among theory, research and application, a theme of this book since its inception are strengthened, both health and education are granted increased attention, the role of active student learning is made more explicit. What reviewers are saying. “Berk's Child Development is about as good as an undergraduate textbook could get. It is lively, readable and engaging. ” Scott P. Johnson, UCLA“ The overall organization and coverage of Berk's text are excellent. The chapters cohere and interweave quite nicely. I like all the features used throughout the text and each edition of Child Development features cutting-edge material. ” John C. Gibbs, The Ohio State University
MRP: Rs 895.00
Offer: Rs 626.50

Park’s Textbook of Preventive And Social M...

By K. Park
MRP: Rs 1100.00
Offer: Rs 770.00

Chemistry for Environmental Engineering an...

By Perry L. McCarty ,Clair Nathan Sawyer,Gene F. Parkin
This is the definitive text in a market consisting of senior and graduate environmental engineering students who are taking a chemistry course. The text is divided into a chemistry fundamentals section and a section on water and wastewater analysis. In this new edition, the authors have retained the thorough, yet concise, coverage of basic chemical principles from general, physical, equilibrium, organic, biochemistry, colloid, and nuclear chemistry. In addition, the authors have retained their classic two-fold approach of (1) focusing on the aspects of chemistry that are particularly valuable for solving environmental problems, and (2) laying the groundwork for understanding water and wastewater analysis-a fundamental basis of environmental engineering practice and research.
MRP: Rs 850.00
Offer: Rs 595.00

Principles of Electronics

By V.K. Mehta, Rohit Mehta
Electronics is a fascinating world of electrical circuits that involve active electrical components, and associated passive interconnection technologies. Electronics differs vastly from electrical and electro-mechanical science, and it is one of the fasted growing technological fields. Principles Of Electronics is a comprehensive and concise textbook for students preparing for B.Sc., B. E., B. Tech, AMIE, diploma, and various other engineering examinations. It also caters to the requirements of those readers who wish to increase their knowledge and gain a sound grounding in the basics of electronics. The chapters in the book are designed as in-depth studies of the core concepts, and clearly elucidate the fundamental principles, methods, and circuits involved in electronics. Some of the chapters included in the book are electron emission, atomic structure, vacuum tube rectifiers, vacuum tube amplifiers, semiconductor physics, gas-filled tubes, modulation and demodulation, semiconductor diode, regulated d.c. power supply, transistors, digital electronics, transistor biasing, sinusoidal oscillators, transistor tuned amplifiers, solid state switching circuits, silicon controlled rectifier, electronic instruments, and integrated circuits.
MRP: Rs 595.00
Offer: Rs 416.50


By Michel J. Pelczar, JR.E.C.S. Chan, Neol R.Krieg
MRP: Rs 825.00
Offer: Rs 577.50

Introduction To Solids

By Leonid V. Azaroff
This study of solid state is based on the premise that one thing the majority of solids of practical importance have in common is that they are crystalline. The importance of crystallography has long been recognized. This is the first attempt to use the crystallinity of solids as a framework for discussiing their nature and properties. Concentrates on the structure, nature and properties of inorganic crystalline solids, covering virtually all important aspects of solid state.
MRP: Rs 525.00
Offer: Rs 367.50

March's Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reacti...

By Michael B Smith, Jerry March
March's Advanced Organic Chemistry, Sixth Edition, clearly explains the theories and examples of organic chemistry, providing the most comprehensive textbook in organic chemistry available. Readers are guided on planning and execution of multi-step synthetic reactions, with detailed descriptions of all the reactions. March's Sixth Edition proves again it is a must-have desktop reference and textbook for every student and professional working in organic chemistry or related fields.
MRP: Rs 899.00
Offer: Rs 629.30

Microwave Devices and Circuits

By Samuel Y. Liao
This is the third edition of the book Microwave Devices And Circuits, which is a reference book on the latest in microwave electronic technology. The book is designed to help students who are pursuing courses on microwaves, microwave engineering, physical electronics, and microwave electronics. It also provides extensive information on microwave solid-state devices, microwave tubes, and microwave circuits. The book includes chapters like Introduction Between Electrons and Fields, Electromagnetic Plane Waves, Microwave Transmission Lines, Microwave Waveguides and Components, Microwave Transistors and Tunnel Diodes, Microwave Field-effect Transistors, Transferred Electron Devices (TEDs), Avalanche Transit-time Devices, Microwave Linear-beam Tubes (O type), Microwave Crossed-field Tubes (M type), Striplines, and Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits.
MRP: Rs 599.00
Offer: Rs 419.30

Real & Complex Analysis

By W. Rudin
Real and Complex Analysis is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Engineering. The book comprises chapters on abstract integration, positive borel measures, Lp-spaces, elementary Hilbert Space Theory, analytic continuation, Hp-spaces and uniform approximation by polynomials. In addition, the book consists of challenging and thought-provoking exercise at the end of each chapter. This book is essential for undergraduate students of Math, Science and Computer Science.
MRP: Rs 635.00
Offer: Rs 444.50

Basic electronics

By B.L. Theraja
A Textbook for the students of B.E./B.Tech. (Electronics, Communication, Electrical, B.Sc. (Electronics) Diploma in Electronics and Communication and also useful for city and Guilds London Institute.
MRP: Rs 550.00
Offer: Rs 385.00

Digital Principles and Applications

By Donald P Leach, Albert Paul Malvino, Goutam Saha
Digital Principles and Applications, an authentic self-study textbook in the field of Digital Electronics, continues to build upon the concepts in lucid language, down-to-earth approach and ready-to-use information for laboratory exercises. The eighth edition has been revised extensively to enhance coverage on existing topics and examples.
MRP: Rs 565.00
Offer: Rs 395.50

Hand Book of Biomedical Instrumentation

By R S Khandpur
Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation by R S Khandpur is a presentation of the engineering principles behind machines and equipment used in the electro medical arena. This book provides updated content on the subject of principles of operation and the parameters of the equipment performance. The book is broadly arranged in four sections titled Recording and Monitoring Instruments, Modern Imaging Systems, Measurement and Analysis Techniques and Therapeutic Equipment. This book discusses how the latest technological inventions function and what improvements have been made to medical-treatment methods. Another salient feature of this book is the addition of content around Telemedicine Technology. This topic educates the readers about the enhancements that communication and information brought to traditional ways of medical treatments. With around twenty-six chapters on subjects like Radiography, Tomography, Oximeters, Physiological Transducers and Cardiac Pacemakers, the contents of this book are useful for medical students, doctors and instrument manufacturers. The third edition of Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation was published by McGraw-Hill Education in 2014. It is available in hardcover.
MRP: Rs 850.00
Offer: Rs 595.00
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