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Genes XI

By Jocelyn E Krebs, Elliott S Goldstein, Stephen T Kilpatrick
Molecular Biology is a rapidly advancing field with a constant flow of new information and cutting-edge developments that impact our lives. Lewin’s GENES has long been the essential resource for providing the teaching community with the most modern presentation to this dynamic area of study. Lewin"s GENES XI continues this tradition by introducing the most current data from the field, covering gene structure, sequencing, organization, and expression. A wealth of subject-matter experts, from top institutions, to provide content updates and revisions in their individual areas of study. A reorganized chapter presentation provides a clear, more student-friendly introduction to course material than ever before.
MRP: Rs 2895.00
Offer: Rs 2171.25

Concrete Technology

By M.L.Gambhir
he Fifth edition of this hallmark text has been thoroughly updated in conformity with the rapid changes that have taken place in the field of cement and concrete technology. It takes the lead in presenting the various aspects involved in enhancing the product performance leading to high-performance and cost-effective concrete. Features: Complete coverage of the course on "Concrete Technology" It reflects the latest information on standards and specifications. A number of photographs have been provided in each chapter to enhance comprehension and give the reader new ideas about uses/construction with concrete
MRP: Rs 599.00
Offer: Rs 449.25

High Energy Astrophysics

By Malcolm S Longair
Building on the concepts and techniques taught in standard undergraduate courses, this textbook provides the astronomical and astrophysical background for students to explore more advanced topics. Special emphasis is given to the underlying physical principles of high energy astrophysics.
MRP: Rs 7214.00
Offer: Rs 5410.50

Inorganic Chemistry

By Gary L Miessler, Donald A Tarr
This highly readable text provides the essentials of Inorganic Chemistry at a level that is neither too high (for novice students) nor too low (for advanced students). It has been praised for its coverage of theoretical inorganic chemistry. It discusses molecular symmetry earlier than other texts and builds on this foundation in later chapters. Plenty of supporting book references encourage instructors and students to further explore topics of interest.
MRP: Rs 799.00
Offer: Rs 599.25

Experimental Physical Chemistry

By V D Athawale, Parul Mathur
This book is organized into thirteen sections, each dealing with a particular area in physical chemistry. Each section starts off with a short biography of a famous scientist associated with that field. The theory behind the experimental work is then covered, followed by the experimental procedures themselves. A few review questions help you to gauge your understanding of the topics covered. Each section has its own appendix that contains useful data, hints to solve the review questions and the expected experimental results. Each section is designed to be a self-sufficient unit found in one place in the book. The book would serve as an excellent text-cum-reference for students pursuing postgraduate degree in chemistry. Undergraduate students of chemistry (Hons) would also find it extremely rewarding and inspiring. About The Author: Professor V.D. Athawale, Professor in Physical Chemistry, is working in the field of polymer chemistry at University of Mumbai. His contribution to this field has been recognized and appreciated worldwide, as evident from the various awards and honours conferred on him like ``Man of the Year 2002``, ``Person of the Year 2004`` and ``International Biographical Centre Lifetime Achievement Award,`` Cambridge, England. His biography has been solicited and published in ``Marquis Who`s Who``, ``500 Leaders of Science``, ``Who`s Who on Science and Engineering-2000``, ``Who`s Who in Asia-2007``, ``Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, 2nd ed.`` and ``Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century``. His research interests encompass a wide spectrum such as catalysis, coatings, environmental chemistry, interpenetrating polymer networks, liquid crystal polymers and thermodynamics. He has published over 100 research papers and 5 reviews in high impact factor
MRP: Rs 165.00
Offer: Rs 123.75

Global Biodiversity Assessment : Summary f...

By R T Watson, V H Heywood, I Baste, B Dias, R Gamez, W Reid, G Ruark
The Global Biodiversity Assessment is an independent, peer-reviewed, scientific analysis and assessment of the biological and socio-economic aspects of biodiversity. It was commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The main conclusions drawn by the Assessment are presented in this 1995 Summary for Policy-Makers, which, together with the Executive Summary, has been prepared by the Editorial Group of the Global Biodiversity Assessment.
MRP: Rs 1970.00
Offer: Rs 1477.50

Gene Cloning & DNA Analysis : An Introduction

By T A Brown
Known world–wide as the standard introductory text to this important and exciting area, the fifth edition of Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis addresses new and growing areas of research whilst retaining the philosophy of the previous editions. Assuming the reader has little prior knowledge of the subject its importance, the principles of the techniques used and their applications are all carefully laid out, with over 250 clearly presented two–colour illustrations. In addition to a number of informative changes to the text throughout the book, the final four chapters have been significantly updated and extended to reflect the striking advances made in recent years in the applications of gene cloning and DNA analysis in biotechnology: Extended chapter on agriculture including new material on glyphosate resistant plants New section on the uses of gene cloning and PCR in archaeology Coverage of ethical concerns relating to pharming, gene therapy and GM crops
MRP: Rs 6274.22
Offer: Rs 4705.66

An Introduction to Sericulture

By G Ganga, J Sulochana Chetty
The present book, an attempt at formulating the methodology for learning and teaching sericulture, is the outcome of their over a decade long experience in teaching and guiding students of sericulture.
MRP: Rs 290.00
Offer: Rs 217.50
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