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Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer

By Incropera, De Witt, Bergmann, Lavinc
Incropera, DeWitt, Bergmann, and Lavine’s Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer – Sixth Edition, published by Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., is a comprehensive book in the areas of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Chemical Engineering. It gives the most relevant and readable information about the physical origins of mass and heat transfer, and is recommended for students who are looking for factual information on the subject. While there is focus on the original basics as found in the previous editions, the highlight of this revised edition is the inclusion of new application areas of heat transfer. The chapters in the book offer deeper insights on the principles of conduction, convection, boiling and condensation, heat exchangers, radiation, and diffusion mass transfer. Other additions to this edition are: a revision of the First Law of Thermodynamics to make it suitable for the undergraduate thermodynamics course, the inclusion of subjects of current interest, such as alternative energy devices, fuel cells, micro-scale heat transfer, and bio heat transfer. The book also features an introduction to anon-scale transport, new and open-ended illustrations for better understanding. An exclusive section on Interactive Heat Transfer Software is also provided.
MRP: Rs 699.00
Offer: Rs 524.25

Fundamentals of Marketing

By Stanton William J
This text provides coverage of the managerial approach to marketing fundamentals, stressing the importance and necessity of a customer-oriented approach. Each chapter features international and ethical references, as well as managerial perspectives.
MRP: Rs 4093.00
Offer: Rs 3069.75

Engineering Electromagnetic Compatibility:...

By V Prasad Kodali
MRP: Rs 500.00
Offer: Rs 375.00

Fundamentals of Microprocessors and Microc...

By B Ram
MRP: Rs 294.00
Offer: Rs 220.50

Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices

By Yuan Taur, Tak H Ning
This book examines in detail the basic properties and design, including chip integration, of CMOS and bipolar VLSI devices and discusses the various factors that affect their performance. The authors begin with a thorough review of the relevant aspects of semiconductor physics, and proceed to a description of the design of CMOS and bipolar devices. The optimization of these devices for VLSI applications is also covered. The authors highlight the intricate interdependencies and subtle trade-offs between those device parameters, such as power consumption and packing density, that affect circuit performance and manufacturability. They also discuss in detail the scaling, and physical limits to the scaling, of CMOS and bipolar devices. The book contains many exercises, and can be used as a textbook for senior undergraduate or first-year graduate courses on microelectronics or VLSI devices. It will also be a valuable reference volume for practising engineers involved in research and development in the electronics industry.
MRP: Rs 595.00
Offer: Rs 446.25

Engineering Mechanics : Statics and Dynamics

By A Nelson
This thoroughly revised and updated edition incorporates recent developments that have taken place in the field of instrumentation, measurement techniques, and data analysis. Inclusion of new topics, enhanced pedagogy and lucid language make this a complete book on the subject. Salient Features In SI Units. Follows the Vector Approach. Illustrious 3D diagrams help in clear understanding of the topics. Includes a separate chapter on Vector Algebra. Pedagogy includes: 450 solved examples 560 practice problems 140 objective-type questions
MRP: Rs 650.00
Offer: Rs 487.50

Fundamentals of Robotics : Analysis and Co...

By Robert J Schilling
An introduction to the fundamentals of robotics, and to the analysis and control of industrial robots.
MRP: Rs 7804.00
Offer: Rs 5853.00

Financial Management

By I M Pandey
The importance of financial management can hardly be overemphasized; it is a critical aspect of management. The tenth edition of the much-acclaimed Financial Management has been thoroughly revised. This new edition is now available in an attractive new layout in 2-colour. Highlighting the ‘modern’ analytical approach to corporate finance decision-making, the text has been re-structured to focus on finance theory and its implications in the financial decision-making process involving investment, financing, dividend and working capital management. It also discusses sources and instruments of short-term and long-term finances, mergers and acquisitions, international financial management, shareholders’ value creation, EVA, balanced scorecard, corporate governance and the interface between financial and corporate policies. Most importantly, the book helps students to relate theories and concepts to practice. The book is different from others in terms of coverage and presentation and provides comprehensive coverage for MBA, MCom, CA, CFA, ICWA and other postgraduate and professional courses. The book demonstrates that the subject of finance is simple, interesting and relevant in practice. The book is application-oriented and focuses on the analytical approach to financial decisions, making it a one-point reference for all its readers. New Features • Check Your Concepts • Quiz Exercises., • Practical Projects Free Students CD containing • Answers to Review Questions and Problems ¢ • Additional Problems for practice from CA and other professional examinations ¢ • Comprehensive Cases for analyzing financial decisions in complex, real-life situations ¢ • Power point presentations for all chapters ¢ • Excel-based Financial Problems to practice the use of spreadsheets in finance ¢ • Web Links for an exhaustive list of finance-related sites ¢ • Key Definitions and Formulae as a useful ready reckoner
MRP: Rs 595.00
Offer: Rs 446.25
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