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Global Warming : Implications for Freshwat...

By C M Wood, D G McDonald
Global warming and climate change are growing environmental concerns. The potential impact on freshwater and marine fish is immense, because most fish have no physiological ability to regulate their body temperature. This volume focuses on the effects of temperature at all levels of organization in fish, with particular emphasis on physiological function: cells, epithelia, organ systems, the whole organism, reproduction, behavior, pollutant interactions, ecology and population dymics. Written by experts in the field, many chapters also speculate on the long-term physiological and ecological implications to fish of a 2-4oC global warming scerio over the next half century.
MRP: Rs 7120.80
Offer: Rs 5340.60

Power System Control and Stability

By Paul M. Anderson and A. A. Fouad,
Analyzes the dynamic performance of interconnected power systems. * Examines the characteristics of the various components of a power system during normal operating conditions and during disturbances. * Explores the detailed mathematical models of system components and analyzes the system behavior using the necessary computational tools.
MRP: Rs 17445.35
Offer: Rs 13084.01

Prestressed Concrete

By N Krishna Raju
This book is popular among engineering teachers, students, and those who are practicing structural engineering. This book starts off with an introduction that explains the basics about the topic. It also has chapters on materials for prestressed concrete, prestressing systems, analysis of prestress and bending stresses, losses of prestress, and deflection of prestressed concrete members. It also includes chapters on flexural strength of prestressed concrete sections, shear and torsional resistance of prestressed concrete members, transfer of prestressed in pretensioned members, anchorage zone stresses in post-tensioned members, limit-state design criteria for prestressed concrete members, and design of prestressed concrete sections. It comprises of chapters on design of pretensioned and post-tensioned flexural members, composite construction of prestressed and in situ concrete, statistically indeterminate structures, prestressed concrete and pipe, prestressed concrete slab and grid floors, and prestressed concrete shell and folded plate structures. It also includes chapters on prestressed concrete bridges, trusses, and construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of prestressed concrete bridges, and many more. Prestressed Concrete was published by McGraw Hill Education India Pvt. Ltd in 2012. This is the fifth edition and is available in paperback. Key Features: This book uses the latest American, BIS British, and IRC codes. It has coverage of nanotechnology. It also includes case studies, solved examples, review questions, exercise questions, and multiple choice questions.
MRP: Rs 610.00
Offer: Rs 457.50

Prestressed Concrete

By G S Pandit, S P Gupta
The main features of the present book are lucidity of presentation critical discussion and adoption of Indian code together with the latest versions of British American and European codes use of SI units in text illustrative examples and codes of practice preview of the subject matter in the first chapter in simple and lucid form thorough coverage of the basic information regarding materials systems of prestressing and losses of prestress in three separate chapters Comprehensive discussion of flexural members in two chapters and that of tension and compression members in separate chapters treatment of the latest developments in composite and partially prestressed beams in two separate chapters simple but comprehensive treatment of statically indeterminate prestressed elements such as continuous beams ring beams. cylindrical walls pressure vessels and slabs separate chapter on precast prestressed dements 197 carefully selected fully worked out illustrative examples 208 diagrams to facilitate easy reading 201 unsolved problems with answers list of selected references with each chapter.
MRP: Rs 295.00
Offer: Rs 221.25

Principles of Applied Biomedical Instrumen...

By L.E. Baker, L. A. Geddes
MRP: Rs 920.00
Offer: Rs 690.00

Principles Of Fermentation Technology

By P.F. Stanbury, A. Whitkar, S.J. Hall
This Second Edition Has Been Thoroughly Updated To Include Recent Advances And Developments In The Field Of Fermentation Technology, Focusing On Industrial Applications. The Book Now Covers New Aspects Such As Recombinant Dna Techniques In The Improvement Of Industrial Micro-Organisms, And Includes Comprehensive Information On Fermentation Media, Sterilization Procedures, Inocula, And Fermenter Design. Chapters On Effluent Treatment And Fermentation Economics Are Also Incorporated. The Text Is Supported By Numerous Clear, Informative Diagrams. The Book Is Of Great Interest To Final Year And Post-Graduate Students Of Applied Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemical And Chemical Engineering.
MRP: Rs 8304.00
Offer: Rs 6228.00

Principles And Applications of GSM

By Vijay K. Garg, Joseph E. Wilkes
The book presents fundamental concepts providing a foundation for understanding the technical aspects of speech and channel coding, modulation, propagation, and other items which are used for GSM and common with its derivative. It provides sufficient details so that the reader can understand the related wireless standards. Also, it allows the reader to apply the concepts to practical wireless systems.
MRP: Rs 829.00
Offer: Rs 621.75


By I. J. Nagrath, D. P. Kothari
This new edition provides an excellent foundation to the theory of electromechanical devices with emphasis on rotating electric machines. The theory and applications of various machines are treated at appropriate places in the book. Extensive coverage on the systematic development of circuit model equivalent of both transformers and machines is given in the text. A number of solved examples and practice problems along with MATLAB examples are given in the book to facilitate problem solving skills. Salient Features Exhaustive treatment of rotating electric machines in easy language. Clear explanation of basic principles, construction, circuit modeling and performance evaluation of electric machines. Detailed description of Transformers, DC Machines, Induction Machines and Synchronous Machines. Enhanced coverage of Permanent Magnet Materials and their applications. Discussion on Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT), MOS Turn off Thyristor (MTO) and Emitter Turn off Thyristor (ETO) to cover new trends. Good pedagogy including solved problems, practice questions and objective type questions. MATLAB examples to facilitate problem solving skills. Pedagogy: Total problems: 746 Solved examples: 230 Practice questions: 301 Review questions: 145 Objective type questions: 60 MATLAB Examples: 10
MRP: Rs 595.00
Offer: Rs 446.25
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