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Principles of Sericulture

By Hisao Aruga
Great progress has been made in the past decade in the field of sericulture research. Sericulture technique covering various aspects has also advanced greatly. Like agriculture, sericulture, as an industry, requires greater development in research and technology aimed at increased production. This text covers the complete range of subjects with current data relating to mulberry and silkworm. Particular emphasis has been laid on the basic aspects of stable crop of silkworm and various preventive measures against adverse factors. Topics covered include the sericulture industry and its future; mulberry cultivation; silkworm and its strains; silkworm eggs; morphology, physiology, ecology and genetics of the silkworm; diseases of silkworms; rearing of silkworms; cocoon; silkmoth and egg production; and utility of byproducts.
MRP: Rs 11217.00
Offer: Rs 8412.75

Plant Propagation, Principles and Practices

By Hortmann and Kesler
This book continues to be the field's most complete, up-to-date text on plant propagation. It now contains extensive updates reflecting the latest commercial techniques and understanding of propagation biology. Like previous editions, it is organized into paired chapters on principles and practices, so it can easily be adapted for teaching courses that cover only practical topics, and for courses that also cover conceptual issues.
MRP: Rs 995.00
Offer: Rs 746.25

An introduction to Practical Biochemistry

By David T. Plummer
This is a major revision of the manual for the laboratory component of introductory biochemistry courses for undergraduates. New experiments cover molecular biochemistry and immunological methods, both major growth areas in the field. Each chapter is introduced by a section on the techniques used and the basic chemistry of the materials. Also, preceding each experiment is a brief summary of the principles involved.
MRP: Rs 528.00
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By Powar and Chatwal
MRP: Rs 375.00
Offer: Rs 281.25

Basic Managerial Skill for all

By Mc Grath, E.H
The Ninth Edition of this well-established text, while retaining the contents and style of the earlier editions, continues to discuss the basic skills of management and leadership. The assumption of the book is that the human person is by nature a manager and has leadership and managerial skills that can and should be continually developed. These basic skills are: reading, writing, learning, speaking, interviewing, training, deciding, problem-solving, managing conflict, and motivation. And in this book, Fr. McGrath, with his masterly skills and wealth of experience, tells how these skills can be fully developed and mastered. Constant use of pointers, tips, exercises and questionnaires, supplemented by hand drawings, make this book exceptionally reader friendly. What's New to the Ninth Edition: The section on teaching and training has been strengthened. The sections on leadership and change management give a new orientation. Additional exercises and inputs are given in all the sections. WHAT THE REVIEWERS SAY: Hundreds of managers, teachers, and HRD personnel and others in India and abroad have benefited from this storehouse of practical wisdom, lucidly and creatively written. McGrath is a name, fondly remembered by thousands. --T. A. MATHIAS, Professor, and Former Editor, Management and Labour Studies, XLRI Fr. McGrath presents an exhaustive set of skills that I consider absolutely critical for any individual to successfully 'manage' life, in general, and his/her profession, in particular. This comprehensive and extremely reader-friendly text is the perfect reference for all types of managers,...--ARUP VARMA, Associate Professor, Loyola University, Chicago Extremely good and of the best in the genre...a great service...--V. GIRIRAJ, IAS Basic Managerial Skills is an excellent handbook for young managers and management students. --Prof. BISWAJEET PATTANAYAK, Former Professor, IIM Indore This is a remarkable book on perfectible skills of management and leadership. We have made it compulsory reading for all students of management at IMIS. Fr. McGrath says profound truths on management which are easy to read and understand. --Prof. K. C. PADHY, Director, Institute of Management & Information Science, Bhubaneswar
MRP: Rs 395.00
Offer: Rs 296.25

Plant Cell and Tissue Culture

By S Narayanaswamy
The book is a complete reference on the art and science of plant tissue culture. Dynamic advances have been made in the last 20 years in plant tissue culture technology, leading to vast economic benefits. The book incorporates abundant information on the current areas of applied research in biotechnology such as production of new hybrids, mutants and genetically engineered plants. Innovative and novel approaches which could be successfully used at a commercial level have been described. Inclusion of exhaustive references to literature from research journals, scientific magazines, periodicals and seminar proceedings, which are not easily accessible, is a key feature of the book.
MRP: Rs 975.00
Offer: Rs 731.25

Plant Breeding: Principle and Methods

By Singh B D
MRP: Rs 295.00
Offer: Rs 221.25

Gene Cloning and Manipulation

By Christopher Howe
This text gives a broad, but concise, coverage of gene cloning and manipulation, suitable for undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Assuming only general biochemical knowledge, it stresses the concepts underlying particular types of cloning vector, and uses examples to illustrate them, rather than simply presenting a mass of detailed lists and vector maps. The book starts by describing the principles behind cloning DNA in E. coli, the enzymes used, the range of cloning vectors available, and how to screen libraries to find particular clones. The author shows how PCR can be used as an alternative, or complementary, approach. He then goes on to describe how sequences can be exploited, after cloning and identification, by site-directed mutagenesis and over-expression. The book finishes with a detailed presentation of the genetic manipulation of other organisms, including other bacteria, yeast, plants, insects, and mammals.
MRP: Rs 2319.00
Offer: Rs 1739.25
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