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Marigold Book 5

MRP: Rs 50.00
Offer: Rs 35.00

Enviromental Studies Looking Around

By Deepa Balasawar
MRP: Rs 49.00
Offer: Rs 34.30


By Mariam Bara, Shewta Uppal
MRP: Rs 49.00
Offer: Rs 44.10

Steps to English Composition Junior Essays...

By H. Martin
Step To English Composition Junior Essays Book-II is a comprehensive book for students of standard II studying in English-medium schools. The book comprises of sample essays on animals. This book will enable the children to develop writing skills and express themselves in a more organized and articulate manner. This book is essential for students of the English Language.
MRP: Rs 140.00
Offer: Rs 126.00

HandBook of Grow With English

By Bandana Mukherjee, Tulika Saha
Hand Book of Grow With English for Work Books 1-5 is popular collection book written by famous authors of Class-5. Great Authors like Bandana Mukherjee & Tulika Saha has done research on the subject and brought you this book of Hand Book of Grow With English for Work Books 1-5. The book caters to the students of their education; the book is published by S. Chand Publications containing 100 Pages and is an English 2012 Edition. The ISBN Code of the Book is 9788121940498 and its availability is In Stock with a Discount price of RS. 79.
MRP: Rs 79.00
Offer: Rs 71.10

CCE Awareness Science

By Mukul Sahgal
This series of revised edition of Awareness Science 0-5 includes new features taht further enhance the central objective of the series-to develop a scientific attitude in children. The text lays emphasis on unedrstanding concepts rather than merely providing information. The project in each chapter enables children to learn by doing, and develops their experimental skills. AWARENESS BEYOND THE CLASSROOM widens the horizon of the children and takes them on an interesting trip beyond their syllabus. Table of Contents SECTION 1: LIVING THINGS 1. Characteristics of Living Things SECTION 2: PLANT LIFE 2. Reproduction in Plants SECTION 3: ANIMAL LIFE 3. Animal Lifestyles SECTION 4: THE HUMAN BODY 4. Bones and Muscles 5. The Nervous System 6. Food and Health SECTION 5: SOIL, ROCKS AND MINERALS 7. Soil Erosion and Conservation 8. Rocks and Minerals SECTION 6: AIR, WATER AND WEATHER 9. Air , Water and Weather SECTION 7: THE UNIVERSE 10. The Moon SECTION 8: FORCE, WORK AND ENERGY 11. Simple Machines SECTION 9: SAFETY AND FIRST AID 12. Safety and First Aid SECTION 10: THE ENVIRONMENT 13. Natural Calamities 14. Interdependence in Nature 15. Talking about the Environment Revision Test Papers
MRP: Rs 196.00
Offer: Rs 176.40

Inquisitive Science

By Kiran Ashok Kumar
As per Latest syllabus and Guidelines issued by CBSE & ICSE with an additional intellectual dimension. Designed to develop an understanding of the basic principles of science and the application of appropiate concepts of Science and Technology.The text and illustration make the learning of science interesting and exciting. Unique Do you Know? segment provides additional information and amazing facts relevant to the topic. Practice Time to Review and Formative Assessment have been given, at the end of each chapter. Key points given as Closure at the end of each chapter help to bridge the gap in the teaching learning process. Table Of Contents: Plant Life | Animal Life | Environment | Air and Water | Rocks, Soil and Minerals | Our Universe | The Human Body | Matter and Materials | Simple Machines
MRP: Rs 168.00
Offer: Rs 151.20

Handbook for Inquisitive Science for Class...

By Kiran Ashok Kumar
MRP: Rs 375.00
Offer: Rs 337.50
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