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Adaptive Filters

By Colin F N Cowan, Peter M Grant, P F Adams
MRP: Rs 10274.41
Offer: Rs 7705.81

Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Comm...

By Alejandro Aragon-Zavala, Simon R. Saunders
Microelectronics is a branch of electronics that deals with miniature components and requires proper understanding of the design concepts & circuits. This book emphasizes on both the design aspect and circuit analysis. The text promises to its readers the ability to design a system, component or process to meet the desired goals. Features Lays emphasis on Design with plenty of useful examples. Uses a realistic set of process parameters from a modern generic submicron process for MOSFETs. Discusses both current mode and voltage mode amplifiers. Includes IC amplifiers such as OTAs and CFAs, besides the conventional op-amps. Illustrates unique design techniques that take into account the influence of tolerances and variability of device parameters. PSPICE integrated throughout the book using its parametric variation and performance evaluation features for design. Unified Frequency Response Analysis both BJT and MOSFET amplifiers.
MRP: Rs 699.00
Offer: Rs 524.25

Basic Electrical Engineering

By A Fitzgerald, David Higginbotham
Meant for the course on Basic Electrical Engineering, this classic text provides a comprehensive exposure to the subject. Enriched with rich pedagogy, this book is a useful tool for both students and teachers alike.
MRP: Rs 775.00
Offer: Rs 581.25

Basic Electrical Engineering

By AbhijitChakrabarti, Chandan Kumar Chanda, Sudiptanath
This book on Basic Electrical Engineering , meant for undergraduate students of all disciplines, encompasses every detail about the required topics as per the syllabi in a student friendly style. Wide variety of problems and the right theoretical depth makes this book a perfect offering on the subject.
MRP: Rs 635.00
Offer: Rs 476.25

Basic Electronics

By D.P. Kothari, I. J. Nagrath
The book gives an exhaustive exposition of the fundamental concepts, techniques and devices in Basic Electronics Engineering. The book covers the basic course in basic electronics of almost all the Indian technical universities and some foreign universities as well. It is particularly well suited undergraduate students of all Engineering disciplines. Diploma students of EEE and ECE will find useful too. Basic Electronics is designed as the one-stop solution for those attempting to teach as well as study a course on Basic Electronics. The carefully developed pedagogy will help the instructor pick thought-provoking questions for tutorials and examitions, as well as allow plenty of practice for the students
MRP: Rs 350.00
Offer: Rs 262.50

Computer Programming in C

By V Rajaraman
This book introduces computer programming to a beginner using the programming language C. The version of C used is the one standardised by the American tiol Standards Institute (ANSI C). C has rapidly gained users due to its efficiency, rich data structure, variety of operators and affinity to UNIX operating system. C is a difficult language to learn if it is not methodically approached. Our attempt has been to introduce the basic aspects of C to eble the student to quickly start writing C programs and postpone more difficult features of C to later chapters. The methodology of presentation closely follows the one used by the author in his popular book on PASCAL programming. Those who know PASCAL will find it very easy to learn C using this book
MRP: Rs 250.00
Offer: Rs 187.50


By M.G.Fontana
The third edition maintains the unique approach of the previous editions. It is unique because corrosion data are presented in terms of 'corrosives' or environments rather than in terms of materials. Key features This text covers practically all the important aspects of corrosion engineering and corrosion science, including noble metals, ""exotic"" metals,nonmetallics, coatings, mechanical properties, and corrosion testing, and includes modern concepts as well.The book designed to serve many purposes: It can be used for undergraduates courses,graduate courses,intensive short courses, in-plant training, self study, and as a useful reference text for plant engineers and maintenance personal.Many examples are presented to illustrate the causes and cures of corrosion problems. CASe histories are helpful in engineering teaching,Descriptions, including mechanical properties, of materials are presented so that the reader will get the proper ""feel"" for materials.
MRP: Rs 685.00
Offer: Rs 513.75

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications ...

By Kenneth H. Rosen
An introduction to the fundamentals of data structures, this book explores abstract concepts and considers how those concepts are useful in problem solving. It explains how the abstractions can be made concrete by using a programming language, and shows how to use to C language for advance programming and how to develop the advanced features of C++. It features a wealth of tested and debugged working programs in C and C++. This text is designed for courses in data structures and programming.
MRP: Rs 725.00
Offer: Rs 543.75
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